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Interview with Pro Boxer

Sean "Showtime"Davis

Sean "Showtime" Davis is a 26 year old professional boxer who has won the international challenge belt and is the current English Bantamweight Champion. The orthodox champ has a impressive record of 10 professional wins with no defeats. Sean trains at Fight den in Digbeth and is trained by Peter Christie.

I asked Sean who his favorite fight was, he informed me that he didn't have a favorite boxer as there were so main good ones around. I then asked him what the best fight he had seen was he had 2 Ward v Gatti and Hagler v Hearns.

Sean has been boxing since he was 8 years old he told me that his dad had forced him and his brother to take up the sport he grew to love and continued in it.

I asked him about what was his hardest fight which he replied "I found my fight with Jason Booth for the English title was the most tricky, he was very experienced and knew all the tricks in the book". Sean then informed me that the only goal in boxing he had was when he finished his career his kids would say they are proud of him, "Then I will Be Happy".

Sean talked to me about his trainer, he said "Peter Christie my trainer has been there for me from the start when I first walked in his gym doors nearly 15 years ago. He literally put trainers on my feet when I couldn't afford to, if it was not for him I know I would have lived a very different life and most certainty would not be boxing today.

I have had very close family members who served prison time for very serious crimes and without him guiding me I would have been in there with them. Boxing Coaches do not get enough recognition for the things they do behind the scenes for lads like me. I bet more troubled kids up and down the country are saved through boxing than any other sport.

Dexter's Thoughts

Sean is another young man who has profited from boxing in a positive manner, his coach has kept him on the straight and narrow and has guided him to a English title. I had the same kind of guidance off my trainers Paddy Martin and his son Dean Martin who kept me on the right path and have been a big help in making me the person I am today.

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