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Young 2 time Unlicensed Champ

Nico Ogbeide

There is a young boxer doing the rounds at the moment where in just 6 bouts of unlicensed boxing he has captured 2 promotions lightweight titles.

Nico Ogbeide a 22 year old boxer has taken the unlicensed lightweight division by storm. Nico has been crowned the 3di and the Showdown promotion champion. The 5 foot 11 orthodox boxer has a record of 5 wins (1ko) and just one defeat.

Nico fights out of Saxon gym Erdington run by Tyler Recce, his favourite boxer is Floyd Mayweather because of his clean hit and don't get hit style, his flashiness, self promotion, dress sense and his money made out of boxing. When asked about the best fight he had seen Nico said “ Gatti v Ward 1 as it was a brutal war, but that isn't the kind of boxing I really like, I say Mayweather outclassing Marquez.

I asked the 2 time champ how long he had been boxing? He informed me “I've been boxing for a year and a half but I had previously kick boxed since I was 13 before switching over”.

I then asked him what inspired him to take up the noble art? Nico replied “l have always loved boxing but as a youngster I wasn't allowed but was allowed to do kickboxing, once I was old enough to make my own choices I was already happy with kickboxing and too loyal to want to leave my coach and gym mates. As soon as my gym started boxing as well

I switched straight over and my plan is to gain more experience and then turn professional in the near future”.

Nico then talked about his hardest fight? Nico said “so far I would say it was as a kick boxer against a lad from Ireland in the finals of the 5 nations championships a few years ago after only 4 full contact bouts. I'm sure there will be harder fights to come and I'll be more than ready for them.

Nico defends his Showdown Lightweight title on Friday 2nd September on the next Showdown promotion.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This young man has hit the ground running and has picked up 2 promotion titles in quick succession, I raised his hand as a ref when he won the Showdown title after a well fought contest. Nico is a very stylish and slick boxer and relies on agility and speed to attack and defend, he is great to watch and entertains the crowd. Nico could be a decent entertaining pro but in my opinion the young boxer should have a few more unlicensed fights to hone his skills before making the switch. I look forward to seeing what the future hold for this young boxer.

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