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Unlicensed Sensation Jake Burridge

Unlicensed Sensation

Jake Burridge

Jake Burridge is a 22 year old boxer who is looking good on the unlicensed/Semi-pro scene. The exciting switch hitter Welterweight/Middleweight who was trained by his dad who had a decent amateur career of 36 fights and 24 wins.

Jake’s unlicensed/semi-pro career is very Impressive having 5 bouts winning all 5 two by way of stoppage.

I asked Jake who inspired him to box? He informed me that no one inspired him he has just been around boxing all his life. I then asked him what his hardest fight has been to date? He told me “that would have to be Paul Holt when I was an amateur, he is now a pro”.

I asked Jake about turning pro himself in the future? he informed me “Nah the pro game is not for me”.

Jake who's favorite fighter is Atturo Gatti and favorite fight was Gatti v Ward informed me “I am due to fight in September, I have asked for Jordan Lynch but he is turning pro but I will fight anyone at 12 stone”.

I asked him why he asks for Jordan Lynch? Jake told me “ we used to have some good sparing with each other and I would love to get it on proper just to see what would happen. It's hard to get motivated now for fights but he is one I would train hard for”. Jake then added if we did fight it would have to be for a title.

I moved the conversation on and ask Jake what he thought about fighting the current super middleweight champ Jimmy Tarrna/Duran? Jake told me he had not seen Jimmy fight but would like to get it on as it would be a good challenge”.

I asked Jordan who is a friend of the site to comment on what Jake had said Jordan replied "Keith called me about a month ago asking me if I would take the fight in September. As you know too Dexter I will be applying for my licence within a month now. Me and Jake would of had a good fight I only remember sparring him once or twice maybe and his style was a typical amateur boxer. I know he had a good amateur career and has Darren his dad a good trainer behind him so I

wish them both good luck with their future fights together. I'm sure he will do good on the September show and train hard for the win. I would happily do some sparring with him again as it was a few years ago since I sparred him and we have both stepped our games up since then. I am grateful for the compliment and wish him all the best".

Dexter's Thoughts

Now I have reffed Jake a few times and have to say I have been very impressed, I can't say

that anyone I have seen him fight had been a real test for him and I really think he needs a top quality opponent to bring out the best in him. Jake v Jordan would be a great match up and a definite one to watch, who would win? I would have to stand on the fence on that one. Jordan has the power and the ring craft but Jake processes speed and fast footwork and awkward style of boxing. It is just a shame we may never get to see this epic battle. As for Jimmy v Jake now this could well happen, Jimmy is a hardened Albanian and is fast and powerful and would be a serious test for the talented Jake.

Jake has got a great future in unlicensed/semi-pro boxing and I am sure he will have a promotion title around his waist very soon.

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