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Eastside gym annual awards 2016

Eastside gym annual awards 2016

Eastside gym have celebrated there 2016 annual award ceremony, this is where the award the professionals and amateurs for there achievements over the season. Jon Pegg and Paul Counihan where joined by ex world champ Richie Woodhall to present the fighters with there well deserved awards. VIPtv were there to film the awards in full, enjoy.

I got in contact with Jon Pegg and Paul Counihan to find out how they thought it went, Jon started by telling me "The awards went great its all about the lads and kids getting a bit of recognition and team building and bonding.We had Ritchy Woodhall there as well as a representative from the board and a full turn out.The highlights were many but my favorite parts of the night was watching grown men heading out at the end of a night on the town proudly wearing there medal round there neck with as much pride as the young kids". Paul Counilan added "the awards went brilliant, it was a really good night everybody loved it and having Richie Woodhall present awards was fantastic".

Dexter's Thoughts

Eastside continues to deliver high end professionals, tough Journey men and have a great resource with there great amateur fighter doing so well at all levels. The Eastside team seem committed to putting the most effort into there gym and fighters and with that they have produced many Professional and amateur champions. I was gutted not to be able to attend the awards as the Birmingham boxing column doesn't pay my bills (yet) and I had to work. But I have watched the show thanks to VIPtv and was inspired by all the the boxers that won awards. I look forward to coming to Eastside very soon and interviewing some of the boxers I haven't caught up with yet, and catching up with the ones I have. Keep up the good work Eastside.

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