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Saturday Book Club Fear No Foe Chapter 9

Saturday Book Club Fear No Foe Chapter 9

The 9th chapter of my book Fear No Foe please feel free to contact me about the story and how you think are progressing.

I hope you are enjoying the book.


They brought a stretcher into the ring, but as they put Magson on to it he came round. Magson tried to get up, but the doctor told him to just lie down and they would take him to hospital.

Magson still trying to get off the stretcher said “Fuck off doc, I’m o.k. I’ve never been carried out of the ring and never will be, now let me get up”.

Magson was helped to his feet by his trainers; there was a massive roar and applause from the crowd. Shay was relieved to see Magson back on his feet.

Magson came over to Shay and said to him “That was one hell of a punch Son, good luck with your title fight”.

Shay hugged Magson and said “Thanks Sam, great fight mate, great fight”.

Magson then raised Shay’s hand as the crowd went wild.

Magson left the ring to a lot of cheering and applause, Shay soaked up the atmosphere of the Birmingham crowd that was chanting his name.

Shay and Kenny went back to the changing room, Shay’s face was a mess, there was swelling and bruises everywhere, but he didn’t care he wanted to get out to Emma and go to the after show party and celebrate.

He called his Mom and Dad, his Mom told him they had saw it on telly and hoped that both of them were o.k., Shay told them him and Magson were fine. Shay then had a chat with his Dad who told him how proud he was of him and what a great fight it was.

Shay got showered and changed and went down to see Emma and his friends, as he walked down to ringside the Wilson, Deen fight had already started .

Chav saw him and couldn’t resist getting in his face.

He stood in front of Shay and said “Hello Dempsey remember me? You were lucky in their Son”.

Shay who didn’t really want a straighter just after the biggest fight of his life looked down at the floor, bit his lip then said “Yeah I remember you Chav, nice to see you, you look like you have done well for yourself, I didn’t know you were a boxing fan?”.

Chav replied “Yeah I have done well for myself, and the only reason I’m here is to see Bruno Beef. I do a bit of business with him if he’s around Brum”.

Shay was curious to know what business Chav would have with Bruno, but just couldn’t be bothered to have a drawn out conversation with someone he really didn’t like.

Shay said “Ahh nice one Chav, well nice to see you, but I got to go see the misses and one of my sponsors is calling me”.

Shay had seen Dexter from over Chav’s shoulder calling him.

Chav said as Shay was walking away “Well I’m sure we’ll meet again”.

Shay just smiled and nodded.

When Shay walked up to Dexter, Dexter shook his hand and said “Well done Shay that was a great fight son”.

Dexter paused for a second then continued “So how do you know Chav then?”

Shay replied “I knocked him out when I was a kid, why? How do you know him?”

Dexter smiled and said “I’m in the night club business Shay; it’s my job to know who all the local drug dealers are”.

The penny then dropped for Shay how Chav knew Bruno; he must get his coke off him when he’s in Birmingham.

Shay said “I didn’t know he was a drug dealer.

Dexter replied “Yeah big time mate you want to keep away from him”.

Shay just said “Yeah I will Dext”.

Shay went over to Emma, she hugged him and gave him a massive kiss then said “look at your face, are you o.k?”

Shay smiled and said “I’m fine Em honestly, I’m looking forward to the after show party”.

Emma smiled and said “Well if you don’t fancy going to it I understand, I can go on my own if you want to go home”.

Shay smiled at Emma’s concern and replied “Ahh baby thanks for your concern, but I’m right up for tonight”.

Emma smiled and said “O.k, but if you want to go home you can”.

The Wilson, Deen fight was not a very good one, by the time Shay had sat down they were in the 12th round and Wilson cruised through the 12th to get a unanimous discussion and retained his British title. Shay said to Emma “I think Gary Britain will beat Wilson no problem if he fights the way he did tonight”.

Emma agreed and replied “yeah he was really good tonight; I’m looking forward to that fight”.

Shay told Emma he would be back in a minute and went over to see Kelly and James on the other side of the ring, Shay said hello to James and chatted to Kelly while they were waiting for the main event Taylor, Beef fight to start. Kelly told him how impressed she was at how he handled being knocked down and that she was glad that Magson was able to walk out of the ring.

Shay said “Yeah Sam’s o.k. he’s had to go to hospital, but they said he would be fine”.

Kelly smiled and replied “Well at least he improved your looks”.

Shay laughed and said “You cheeky cow”.

The lights went down in the arena and Bruno was minutes away from making his big entrance.

Shay told Kelly he had put her and James on the guest list at the after show party at The Squared Circle and then went back to his seat. Kenny had joined him and the rest of them at ringside to get a good look at Shay’s title opponent.

Bruno came into the ring first, arrogant and as cocky as ever, he clocked Shay at ringside and straight away started shouting comments over the ropes at him.

He shouted “Hey Dempsey you think your face is bad now; just wait until I get through with you”.

Shay just laughed and tried to ignore him. This seemed to entice Bruno.

Bruno lent right over the ropes and stared straight at Shay and Shouted “Don’t fucking ignore me Dempsey, your nothing son, your nothing”.

Kenny could see Shay wanted to say something back to Bruno, so he leant over and whispered in Shay’s ear “Just keep ignoring him Shay, don’t give him the show he wants”.

Shay didn’t say anything; he just looked up at Bruno and winked at him. This really wound Bruno up, but Frank Goldsten who was in the ring grabbed Bruno’s arm and pulled him away.

The champ Taylor entered the arena looking focused and ready, his trainer was talking to him in his ear all the way to the ring. As Taylor slipped through the ropes, Bruno came right into his face saying “3 rounds, you’re going down in 3 rounds”. You could see Taylor was shaken by this, by the look in his eyes. He done his best to hide the fact he was so intimidated by The Beef.

The fight was as one sided as it could be, from the first bell until Taylor hit the canvas, Bruno controlled the fight, Taylor just tried to stay away from the Beef and hardly threw a punch, but in the 3rd round as predicted. Bruno dropped Taylor who didn’t make any effort to get back up.

Bruno was champ once more and was shouting to Shay as he went to leave the arena “You’re next boy, you’re next”.

Shay just smiled and shook his head at Bruno.

Shay was in a great mood and wasn’t going to let anybody spoil that, he was right up for a good night of partying at The Squared Circle.

Dexter had closed the club for the night as the after show party was going to be held in the main room. It was guest list only and all the normal local stars from soaps and football were there.

As Shay and Emma walked in, the D.J who was in the centre of the boxing ring in the middle of the main room announced Shay’s arrival. Everyone looked round at the door and applauded and cheered. A doorman came up to Shay and escorted them to some tables in the corner of the room where all the boxers would be seated. Gary Britain, Wilson and Deen were all ready seated at the tables.

Britain came over to Shay and in quite sincere voice said “Shay well done tonight that was a great fight, when you went down I thought it was all over, but you done it congratulations”.

This took Shay by surprise that the cocky Cockney was being so nice; Shay replied “Thanks Gary I thought your fight was good, I know Rogers and he’s on tough lad, well done”.

Gary then looked at Emma and said “Hi Emma so nice to see you again, you’re looking gorgeous as ever”.

Emma smiled and answered “Thank you Gary nice to see you as well congratulations on your win”.

The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the champ, Bruno came walking in, Frank on one side and Chav on the other with Bruno’s Lonsdale belt held high over his head. The place was going wild every, everyone wanted pictures and autographs off him.

Bruno just shunned them all and walked straight over to where Shay, Gary and the rest of the boxers were sitting. Bruno pushed his way through the crowds of people and went straight up to Shay. He got right into Shay’s bruised and battered face, Shay didn’t flinch, he just got his game face on and stared right back at Bruno. This actually took Bruno by surprise as usually anyone he fronted out was intimidated by him.

Bruno took a slight step back and said “Hey boy has it sunk in yet that you’re going to be facing me next?”

Shay kept his eyes fixed on Bruno and replied “Bruno why don’t you take a night off, you’ve won your title back enjoy it while you can”. Bruno couldn’t believe Shay’s reply to him and said “Wooh hold on, enjoy it while I can?”

Bruno looked at Chav who was next to him with the belt hanging over his shoulder and said “This little mug thinks he’s going to beat me”. Chav piped up and said “Your kill him Bruno, do him now”.

Shay then fixed his eyes firmly on Chav and said “Why don’t you shut your fucking mouth Chav before I break your jaw again”.

Chav who was feeling pretty brave with the British champ next to him then said “Shay after Bruno’s finished with you, you won’t even be able to break wind son and I’m going to be ringside to see it”.

Frank then came walking over with Dexter who he had gone to see in his office about some business. Frank got in-between Bruno and Shay and told them to save it for the ring.

Shay asked Frank “So when is it then Frank? When do I get to fight him?”

Frank replied “Give me a chance Shay, it won’t be for another 8 months or so nothing is set yet”.

Shay said “Well the sooner the better Frank”.

Frank said “Yeah o.k Shay” but he was more interested in getting Bruno away from Shay.

Bruno walked away with Frank bending his ear about staying out of trouble. Chav was giving Shay the evil eye, but as he turned round Dexter was standing right behind him.

Dexter said “Who the fuck let you into my club?”

Chav replied “I’m on the guest list mate, I’m with Bruno”.

Dexter who looked like he was going to explode with anger said “I don’t care whose guest you are, you’re a scummy drug dealer and I don’t want you in my club”.

Chav replied real cocky “Mate do you know who I am? Do you know the people I know? You want to watch who you are talking to”. Dexter then got right in Chav’s face and replied calmly “Yes I do know who you are, you’re a scum bag drug dealer and yes I do know who you know, but they know me. That’s why I don’t get dealers in my club, now you either leave now or I’ll get my doormen to remove you”.

Chav smiled still thinking he had the upper hand and said “Like I said mate I’m with Bruno, take it up with him”.

Dexter just shook his head then put his hand up to call over his door staff then looked at Shay and said “You just can’t tell some people can you”.

Dexter took Bruno’s belt off Chav’s shoulder and then said “Right my door staff will escort you off the premises”.

Chav turns round and there were a doorman either side of him they grabbed him by the arms, Chav said “Do you know who I fucking am”.

Dexter replied “We have already had this conversation”.

He then said to the door men “Take this piece of shit out of here” and they took him to a side door. Chav tried to put up a fight but they got him to the door and threw him onto the street.

Emma asked Shay if he was alright, Shay smiled and said “Yeah Em I’m o.k., just don’t need prats like him around me”.

Emma asked him again “Do you want to go home Babe? I’ll be o.k. here on my own if you do”.

Shay turned to Emma and gave her a kiss and said “No Em, I’m fine” he laughed and said “It sounds like you are trying to get rid of me” Emma smiled and replied “No I’m just worried about you that’s all”. Shay and Emma sat down with the other boxers and their wives and girlfriends, Shay and Gary Britain had a good chat and Shay started to think that he had got Gary all wrong. Gary talked to him about how he would take on the Beef if it was him and asked Shay what he thought about him against Wilson. Britain even brought Emma into the conversation by asking her about her modeling career; it was all very nice and civil.

Shay noticed that Gary didn’t have anyone with him, Shay asked “So Gary, how come you haven’t got no one with you, I though the birds would be all over you?”

Gary smiled and replied “With all the training and that I just haven’t got time”.

Shay said “Yeah I know what you mean mate, its hard sometimes for me and Em, but we know how to cope with it don’t we?”

Emma smiled and said “Yeah we do”.

They were all enjoying the party and the easy going atmosphere; people were coming up getting Shay, Gary and the other boxer autographs and pictures with them.

Then Kelly walked up to the table with her boyfriend James. Emma seemed to want to make an effort for Shay and got up to greet Kelly, then Emma noticed a woman’s worst fear especially if you’re a top model. Kelly had exactly the same dress on as her, a Mary Apple design. Emma was mortified; especially as Kelly’s fuller curvier hips and body seemed to look better in the dress than Emma’s size zero figure.

Emma tried to hide the fact that it had annoyed her and said “Hello Kelly how nice to see you, what a lovely dress, I didn’t think you could get that design in England?”

Kelly smiled and replied “I didn’t James and I were in New York last week and I picked it up in a designer shop in Manhattan”.

Kelly realized that Emma had the same dress on she said “Oh no we have got the same dress’s on how embarrassing, sorry Emma I didn’t know you would be wearing the same dress, anyway it looks so much better on you”.

Emma trying to be dignified about it replied “Thank you Kelly, I was in a rush tonight getting back to Birmingham, so just threw something on, but it really suits you, you look gorgeous”.

Kelly thanked Emma and Emma then said she needed to pop to the ladies and rushed off.

Shay got up gave Kelly a kiss on the cheek then said “Wow Kell you look amazing tonight”.

He then looked at James and said “You best be looking after her mate, you’re a very lucky man”.

Kelly then said “Ohh I can look after myself”.

Shay smiled and said “I know you can Kell”.

Shay introduced Kelly and James to Gary Britain, Kelly was surprised to see them sitting at the same table after all that had happened in the past. She sat down with them and enjoyed the rest of the night. When Emma came back from the ladies she had completely changed the design of the dress she was wearing by ripping off the sleeves and adding some accessories to it. It looked like a completely different dress and Emma and Kelly seemed to get on really well as they drank champagne all though the night. It was about 4 in the morning before they all said goodbye and Shay and Emma went home.

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