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Unlicensed CBU boxer Richard “The Boom” Cooney

Unbeaten CBU boxer Richard “The Boom” Cooney

Richard Cooney is a 34 year old retired unlicensed super middleweight orthodox boxer from Erdington Birmingham. Know as “The Boom” Richard was unbeaten in 6 fights in the Celtic boxing Union winning 5, 4 by way of knockout and 1 draw. Richard, 6 foot and fought out of Paddy’s gym and was trained by one of the greatest trainers yours truly Dexter Hastings (that was a joke but as a trainer I have never been in a losing corner). Richard was a contender for the CBU super middleweight title and was set to fight the unbeaten Mr Q but for reasons beyond me on both parts this fight never seemed to transpire.

Richard’s favorite boxer is Carl “ “The Cobra” Froch and the best fight he has seen is Carl Froch v George Groves at Wembley, Richard said “It was a class night”

The Boom has been boxing for 6 years and he got the bug due to a charity fight. Richards

hardest fight was his first fight against Sam Donovan! Richard told me “I couldn't train for 3 weeks before the fight with a respiratory infection. I still fought and I got a standing 8 count in the first round. I walked on to a shoot after winning the round up until that point. I battles on and got a draw in the rematch I beat him winning every one of the 3 rounds. After that fight my goals had been achieved and I retired, but I enjoyed it while it lasted”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Richard is my cousin and was a proper tough kid when he asked me to train him for a charity fight, he hits hard for his weight but didn't really have a scooby about the finer points of boxing. Richard was raw but with my tutelage and the advice from my trainers Paddy and Dean Martin we turned him in to a decent boxer. I say decent boxer as like say Nigel Benn who relied a lot on his punch power rather than his boxing skills, Richard use to shock his opponents with his punching power. He didn't really get tested until Sam Donovan came on the scene. In there first encounter I could tell Richard wasn't right, but he was confident that he could bang him out (his words). The first round went pretty well and I remember going to Dean Martin who was helping me in the corner “he’s doing well”. When I looked back at the ring I saw Richard touch down and get straight back up and receive a standing 8 count. When he came back to the corner at the end of the round he was still groggy from the the shot he walked onto. I poured water over his head and asked him if he was ok, he said he was so I said listen you ether knock this cunt out or you have to win the next 2 rounds to get a draw. I don't know if Rich even listen to me but he went out and went toe to toe with Sam, he won the round but still looked unsteady on his feet. When he come back to the corner he got a shock. I had decided not to put the stool in for him to sit down, as he got to the corner I turned him around and leaned him on the ring post and said if you want the win you have to knock him out you win this round you should get the draw. I poured water over his head and I shouted at him do you fucking hear me Rich seemed to wake up and nodded his head. He went out in that final round and won the round easy and earned himself a draw. For the rematch Rich took a leaf out of my book and instead of going for the knock out slipped and countered and boxed by fair one of his best fights ever. He won all 3 rounds and controlled the ring, it was like watching a mini me in my prime in the ring. Richard had a massive following and always put on a great show, it was a shame he never got to fight Mr Q it would have been a cracking fight but The Boom would have in my opinion won this fight hands down and probably by knockout, but it will remain one of them unanswered questions.

The Boom in Action

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