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CBU 3 times 2 weight Champ Dexter “The Sting” Hastings


3 times 2 weight Champ

Dexter “The Sting” Hastings

As this week is dedicated to one of the original unlicensed boxing organisation the Celtic Boxing Union I thought as I was one of there main fighters (mostly in the away dressing room) I would answer questions I usually ask the boxers.

Name- Dexter Hastings

Age- 45

Nickname- The Sting

Titles- CBU Birmingham & WestMidlands Cruiserweight, Heavyweight Champion, North Birmingham Cruiserweight Champion.

Hight- 6 foot 1

Stance- Orthodox

Record- 17 fights, 10 wins and 1 draw.

Trainers- Paddy & Dean Martin at Paddy’s Gym

My name is Dexter Hastings I'm 45 and have been boxing on and off since I was 11.

I never had a amateur career as I was never focused enough and didn't fancy fighting for a trophy and a sandwich. I went to a few gyms when I was younger Nechell, Farm street Newtown, Ladywood but I didn't really get into boxing until my mom told me to go to Aston Villa ABC run by Paddy Martin. I might not of been the hardest trainer there but I was taught all the elements to be a boxer, yes I was taught how to fight but I was also taught respect, discipline and given loads of confidence. Like I said I wasn’t the most dedicated kid which used to annoy Paddy who could see that I had some talent, but to me yeah I loved boxing but I also liked having the craic with my mates and being a degenerate youth. I do regret not deducting more time to boxing as a kid as who knows what opportunity’s it could have brought me.

I continued to boxes on and off as an adult when Paddy moved his gym to first the Britannia pub Aston and then to the Rose and Crown pub Erdington where it has been for the last 27 years.

Like I said I had always been into boxing but it wasn't until I was 36, massively over weight (18 stone +) and not in a good place that I took the sport up again. I was jobless and feeling pretty down, my older brother Phil took me out for a drink and we ended up going to see Paddy and Dean Martin at the gym. As soon as I walked into the gym I got the buzz again, I had a chat with Dean in the pub after the gym had finished and in this one conversation my life changed for the better. Dean sorted me out with some work and introduced me to Narna who owned a security firm who also gave me a job on the doors. I started back at the gym form then on and after just a few weeks I was sparring with pro’s like Pete McCormick and ex-pro Paul Hanlon and being effective against them. I dropped down to 16 stone quickly then managed to drop another 2 stone to be 14 stone by the time of my first fight.

Two years after starting back I made my unlicensed debut on Friday the 13th May 2009 against Malcolm “The Show” Stowe, this was a cracking first fight that was close, Malcolm got the result on points which started a trilogy of fights between us.

What is your favorite boxer and why? Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali spring to mind as they are true legends, but then you have Mayweather, Hatton and Roy Jones Jr who I loved to watch. But I have to say my favorite boxer has to be Chris Eubank, he was just pure class as a boxer and he knew how to entertain and get a crowd going, love him or hate him he was a great boxer who was in some of the best fights Britain has seen.

What is the best fight you have seen? I would have to say Eubank v Watson 2 these 2 warriors went to war, it was so sad what happened to Watson at the end, but if you take that out of it this fight it would have been rated as one of the greats.

What inspired you to take up boxing? I was inspired by watching the boxing on t.v late at night, there used to be some of the great fights shown and from a young age I wanted to learn the noble art. Also watching the Rocky films and being bullied by some of the older kids around my area.

What has been your hardest fight? I have had some cracking fights that I could class as my

hardest fight namely Mark Curly for the CBU Birmingham & WestMidlands light heavyweight title (lost on points) or Robert “The Bruce” for the CBU Supreme title (lost on points). Curly was a great young technical fighter who had an extra gear in the last round to edge a close fight, Robert was a hard hitting counter puncher who edged a fight that I thought I had won. But the hardest fight was my first title fight against Malcolm “The Show” Stowe for the CBU Birmingham & WestMidlands Cruiserweight title. Malcolm was the golden boy of the Celtic Boxing Union, he was unbeaten in 9 fights and had stopped 8 of them, the only one

he hadn't stopped was me in his first fight which I contested that I won and told him ever time I saw him. Let's just say I was the lamb to the slaughter, I was supposed to be stopped in the first 2 rounds. I had brought a good crowd with me but can honestly say there were only a handful of people who thought I had a chance.

I took a hell of a beating in that fight but I also gave one back, it was power and brute strength against fast hands slick movement and as the fight went on one of the cockiest pricks Malcolm had ever been in the ring with. I never stopped talking to him and basically talked him out of the fight. I even managed to give him a standing eight count in the 6th and final round. It was a great feeling winning that fight and none of the over titles have compared to that, Malcolm and I had a good drink after together and I am glad to call him a friend.

I am now a referee for Showdown Entertainment unlicensed show and have been for the last 4 years, I train people young and old at Paddy’s Gym and also run the Birmingham boxing column so I keep myself busy. I also still boxes and I'm having my last ever fight on the Showdown Catching Fire Christmas show on the 2nd December at Pryim Birmingham, this is the last time I will step into the ring as a prizefighter, opponent yet to be named but will appreciate all the support I can get. VIP tickets £30 standard £20, VIP get there own private bar and area just for my supporters .

Life is one long fight, so enjoy the rounds you do win and learn from the one's you don't, and if you ever get knocked down, don't lose your head. Compose yourself and get back up because its never over until the final bell rings

Fear No Foe/No Foe Left To Fear

Back From The Dead

Dexter Hastings

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