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Female Amateur Stacy Stray

Female Amateur Stacy Stray

Stacy Stray is a 30 year old female amateur boxer from Birmingham. The 5 foot 1 pocket rocket orthodox fighter has had 4 amateur fights winning 1 and losing 3, 2 of these defeats coming by the way of a split decision.

Stacy boxes out of Small Heath ABC under the tutelage of Pat Benson.

I asked Stacy Who is your favorite boxer and why? Stacy inform me “it's got to be Mike Tyson, I really like his style a Boxing”.

I then ask the young fighter what is the best fight you have seen? Stacy replied “Carl Froch vs Groves, great fight”.

Stacy has been boxing for 2 years and was inspired to take up boxing by doing boxersize..

Stacy told me “ I enjoy training and I wanted more so join a boxing gym, I loved it and found out I was good at it too, it's the best thing I've done”.

When asked about her hardest fight? Stacy said “all my fights have been hard”. Stacy finished by addind that her goal is to win an amateur championship before she retires.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I have had the pleasure of refereeing Stacy and was very impressed with her fitness and her boxing ability. Stacy did not stop throwing punches and moving around the ring, she was very controlled and won the match.

Stacy has now turned to the amateurs and she is just finding her feet, but I have a feeling this season will be the one she shines and maybe gets herself a title. The Birmingham Boxing Column wishes her all the lucky in the world and hope to do a write up about her winning an amateur title.

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