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Going For Gold

Going for Gold

The 19th November saw Black Country Boxing present Going for Gold at Walsall Town Hall. There were 6 fights on the bill with Manny Zaber v Josh Baillie as the main event in a 8 x 3 Minute round title fight for the British Challenge Super Featherweight title. The Birmingham Boxing Column were there to report on the show. Fight 1 Tommy Loach v Jerald Spencer 4x3 Good start to the night with both boxers starting strong in the first round, Loach put the pressure on. Spencer moved round the ring well but Loach dictated the pace. The second seen another good start by both boxers, Loach got some cracking shots and forced a high paces. In the third Loach started to unload some heavy shots eventually the ref stepped in to give Spencer a standing 8, the ref stopped the fight as Spencer was not fit to continue. Result Loach wins 3rd Round stoppage.

Fight 2 Luke Jones v Alec Bazza 4 x 3 Jones started strong but early in the first round there was an accidental clash of heads and both boxers sustained cuts. Both boxer worked hard in this with Bazza working hard and Jones finishing the round well. At the end of the first the ref stopped the fight as Bazza’s cut was to bad to continue. Result Technical Draw

Fight 3 Josh Burke v Ross Henshaw 4x3 Henshaw started the round strong but Burke moved well around the ring and dictated the pace of the fight, Burke’s gum shield fell out was was cleaned by his corner in this round. In the second Burke caught a Henshaw with some good shots, but had a point taken off him due to his gum shield coming out a total of 4 times in the round. The third was a strong round for both boxers, Burke with a different gum shield in started well, but Henshaw caught hi. With a cracking right hook that knocked his gum shield right hook knocking his gum shield out again, he was deducted another point when his gum shield fell out for a second time in the round. The forth Burke managed to keep his gun shield in his mouth and boxer well but Henshaw took the fight to a Burke and won the round. Result Dexter – 36 - 39 Ref – 37 – 39 Henshaw wins

Fight 4 Zach Parker v Adam Jones 6 x 3 Both boxers seemed to feel yeah other out for the first part of the first round, in the later part of the round Parker stepped up the pace and won the round. The second and third were controlled by Parker, he took the centre of the ring and caught Jones with some good shots. Jones had a go in this round and got some good shots off. Parker came back strong and dictated the round, Jones battled well in this round and kept himself safe. The 5th was another good round for Parker who controlled the fight and got some cracking body shot in. In the sixth and final round Jones started strong but was met with some good body shots from Parker, Parker again dictated the pace of the fight and cruised to victory. Result Dexter - 60 - 54 Ref – 60 - 54 Parker Wins

Fight 5 Martin Gethin v Liam Richards Gethin started the well and maintained a high pace an d controlled the round. In the second Gethin started working Richards with some good body shots, Richard fought back well but was out worked by a Gethin. Gethin controlled this round well forcing Richards to cover up, in the forth and final round Gethin showed some fast hands as Richards moved well around the ring. Results Dexter – 40 – 36 Ref – 40 – 36

Manny Zaber v Josh Baillie British Challenge super featherweight Title 8 X 3

Zaber started the first round fast and sharp, Baillie matched him but Zaber nicked the round with his work rate. The second round was even with both fighter having there moments, the third was a furious round with both boxers setting a fast pace. Baillie won this round out working Zaber and catching him with good shots. The forth was a hard round to call both boxers had joy in this round, very even round. The 5th was another hard round to call Zaber was caught with good shots but some in himself. At the end of the 5th Zaber’s corner pulled him out of the fight due to a cut sustained during the match.

Manny Zaber V Josh Baillie

Fight of the Night Result Josh Baillie wins New British Challenge super featherweight champ.

Dexter’s Thoughts

The Black Country Boxing promotion have brought us another great night of professional boxing, the boxers on the under card done well in very entertaining fights notably Zach Parker and Martin Gethin. The main event was a cracking battle an it was a shame how it ended. Both fighters had done well but Baillie in my opinion had just started to edge it before the pull out. One of the things that did mar this show was some of Zaber’s supporters not taking his defeat well. Well it was just one knob head and his little band of sheep who tried to spoil the night, but well done to the security on the night for nipping it in the bud.i am sure Zaber will learn from his first defeat and come back stronger but the minority of his supporters really do need to pull there necks in as they will only harm a talented boxers career.

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