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Battleground Show Review.

Black Country Boxing


Banks Stadium


Black country boxing held there Battleground dinner show at the Banks Stadium Walsall (17th February), the show consisted of 4 Professional bouts of boxing with some of Birmingham and the Midlands brightest talent on display. The Birmingham boxing column were there to report on the boxer and the show.

Fight 1

Connor Parker v Liam Richards

Super Lightweight

4 x 3

Parker having his 2nd professional fight held the center of the ring well in the first round and banged in some cracking shots from his southpaw stance. In the second Parker got his jab working, he caught Richards with some nice sharp 1, 2’s and shook Richards several times in this round. The third started with Parker pounding in some cracking shots catching Richards with some class left uppercuts, You had to give Richards credit for getting threw the round.

The final round saw Richard move around the ring well just to avoid Parker, Parker controlled the centre of the ring and caught Richard with his favored left uppercut several times.


Dexter- 40-36

Ref- 40 -36

Parker wins on points.

Fight 2

Brad Foster v Leonard Rafael

Super Flyweight

6 x 3

Foster having his 6th professional fight made light work of his opponent winning with a first round stoppage. Footage of the fight below


Foster wins in 2 minutes 23 seconds of the 1st round stoppage

Fight 3

Josh Stokes v Mitch Mitchell


4 x 3

Stokes making his professional debut controlled his first round of his pro career with some cracking shots. Stokes continued his fine debut by dictating the pace and winning every round of the 4 round fight. Mitchell tried to fight back but Stokes cruised to a points victory.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Stokes wins points

Fight 4

Lennox Clarke v Bartomej Gafka

Light heavyweight

8 x 3

Lennox’s having his 15th fight was given a very tough opponent in Gafka, Clarke was made to work hard every round to achieve a convincing points victory. Footage of his hard fought win below.


Dexter – 80 – 73

Ref – 80 - 72

Dexter’s Thoughts

There were 4 great fights on this show tonight, all the local lads impressed and the show went really well. Parker got his second win in his second fight as he continues to learn the pro game, Stokes made a good strong debut winning every round of his 4 round bout. Foster showed some great shot selection and power stopping his opponent 2 minutes and 23 seconds into the first round.There has been talk of Foster and Kyle Williams potential getting it on in the future this could be a cracking fight some time in the future.

Lennox Clarke showed in the main event his boxing skills against an tough opponent who kept coming forward and seemed determined to test the former unlicensed fighter, Lennox is now 15 and 0. The show itself was very well put together like all the Black Country boxing shows I have been to, I am looking forward on seeing all these boxers progress in the future.

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