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No Guts No Glory Review

No guts No Glory Review

Black Country Boxing

Walsall Town Hall


Walsall Town Hall was the setting for the No Guts No Glory show brought to you by Black Country Boxing with a great line up of WestMidlands boxers. The Birmingham boxing Column was there to review the show and the boxers.

Fight 1

Ijaz Ahmed Vrs Sergei Tasimov

4 x 3


Ahmed in his second outing as a professional was looking for another win in this 4 x 3 minute bout of boxing.

Tasimov started the better of the 2 boxers, Ahmed moved well but Tasimov edged the first round. The second round was scrappy and again Tasimov started the better, Ahmed edged this round by getting the better shots off. In the third Ahmed stepped up the pace, but Tasimov Matched him all the way. Tasimov again started the round well, In this very even round Ahmed pulled out a spurt at the end of the round to nick it.


Dexter – 39-38

Ref 40-36

Ahmed wins on points

Fight 2

Manny Zaber Vrs Ricky Leach

4 x 3


Zaber coming off the back of his first defeat took control of this fight from the start. Manny looked sharp and had a great shot selection . In the second Zaber carried on his good work, but Leach did good shots off. Manny cruised the 3rd and 4th round controlling both round and using the ring well, Leach done what he could but was just out boxed.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Zaber wins on points

Fight 3

Dilly Singh Vrs Imantas Davidaitis

4 x 3


Singh started well and controlled the first round, but Davidaitis did get one good shots off. The first part of the second round was even, but Singh then took controlled dominated the end of the round. In the third Singh got some cracking shots off, Davidaitis didn't seem to have an answer to Singh’s jab. Singh went for it in the 4th and caught Davidaitis with some lovely clean shots, the Lithuanian them well and saw out the round.


Dexter 40-36

Ref 49-36

Singh wins on points

Fight 4

Lauren Johnson v Monika Antonik

4 x 2

Super welterweight

Johnson a former English amateur champion was making her debut tonight against Polish born Antonik.

Full fight below


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Johnson wins on points

Fight 5

Ricky Summers Vrs Remijius Ziausy

6 x 3

Light heavyweight

From the first bell Summers took his frustration of his British title fight against Frank Buglioni being call off just a week before the fight. Summers used Ziausy as a punch bag as Ziausy went into survival mode from the first bell of this fight. Summers caught Ziausy with some brutal shots and showed great ring craft as Ziausy showed great grit and determination to see out this fight.


Dexter- 60-54

Ref – 60-54

Summers wins on points

Fight 6

Kyle Williams Vrs Craig Derbyshire

6 x 3

Super Bantamweight

Williams from Wolverhampton was looking to continue his unbeaten record against a durable opponent in Craig Derbyshire. Williams did not drop a point in this six round fight, but Derbyshire pushed him all the way and made him work for his win.

Full fight below


Dexter 60-54

Ref 60-55

Williams wins on points.

Fight 7

Luke Paddock Vrs Lukasz Janik

6 x 3


Paddock controlled the first round but Janik showed he had came to fight. In the second Paddock kept it nice and tidy and got some good combinations off, Janik got the odd left hooks off but Paddock won the round. Paddock started to work the body in third round and caught Janik with some hurtful shots. Janik stepped up the pace in this round but Paddock just took it up another gear to win the round. The 5th round Janik started well but Summers pummeled him with fast combs to the head then body. In the final round Paddock showed some great hand speed a movement to frustrate Janik and win the round.


Dexter 60-54

Ref – 60-54

Paddock wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts


This was a very good night of boxing at Walsall Town hall which is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues for watching boxing at. All the home boxers looked good and it was a clean swipe for the home corner. Big congrats to Manny Zaber for getting back to wining ways and looking good doing it, also well done to Lauren Johnson on her first win as a pro on he debut. Boxers that caught my eye where Summers and Paddock who looked really sharp, but Kyle Williams really caught my eye with some great shot selections and speed. There has been talk of Williams looking to fight for a title soon and if he does his opponent should be Brad Foster who won his 5 pro fight in February. This would make a great fight against 2 local lad and would have to be for a challenge belt or area title. The Birmingham boxing column would like to thank Black Country boxing for having us at there show

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