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James Flinn Ex Pro Boxer

Former Pro James Flinn

James Flinn is a 35 year former professional boxer from Coventry, the welterweight known as "The Force" had a Professional career of 15 fights, 10 wins (2 by knockout) and 1 draw. The 5 foot 10 switch hitter had 92 amateur fights winning 65 of them where he collected 6 Midlands area titles and has also been a 2 times ABA semi finalist and a Welsh ABA finalist.

As a pro Flinn won 2 British Masters titles and also challenged for the Midlands and English titles. Now still fighting on the unlicensed circuit he has had 11 fights winning 9 (6 by knockout) and has accumulated 3 titles including the BBU British title, the Toe to Toe Midlands area title and Front line fight league Grand Prix title.

James started out at Coventry boys club and moved to the standard triumph when he was

18, Flinn recalled "I had a few good years there, then got fed up with the amateur game and went pro at 25/26 with Errol Johnston, travelling to Wednesbury was killing me after work every day so started training with Andre Yeroy in Coventry". Now after having a long away from boxing he is now trained by his fiancée Carly Brookes.

When I asked Flinn who his favorite fighter is? He said "my favorite fighter is Sugar Ray Leonard, he is by far my favorite fighter, he had it all speed power movement and was class in and out of the ring".

The best fight James has ever seen is Hatton v Tszyu, Flinn said "luckily my pal managed to get us tickets VIP and it was the best atmosphere I've ever been in".

Flinn has been boxing for over 23 years and was Inspired to boxes by his dad, James informed me "my dad was a good fighter, I've been told he reached the ABA final in 1974 and boxed for England a few times and went to the commonwealth games in New Zealand so think it was inevitable that I was going to be a fighter".

When I asked him what his fight was he told me "there's a few that stand out like Paul Smith, Jamie Cox and a few other top lads, but Matthew Maclin was my hardest fight. I was up at a weight I shouldn't have been and he was just too strong but I gave it everything and made a real good scrap out of it but it was the closest to death I've ever been.

Dexter's Thoughts

James has competed at all levels of boxing and has done well at all of them, I reffed him in a unlicensed fight where he seemed to just go threw the motions to get a pay day. I did say to him at the end of the second "I thought you were better than this" and in the third he put on a master class of boxing where he schooled the fighter he was boxing and showcased his talent. I saw then that James is a very talented boxer, but is now on the journey man route in the unlicensed circuit which is a bit of a shame due to his ability. I know when I ref him I will be expecting this veteran of the ring to give it his all. The Birmingham boxing column looks forward to watching him again soon.

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