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BCB Super Series Weigh in yet

BCB super Series 

Weigh in

The Birmingham Boxing Column attended the BCB super series weigh in today (14/10/17) at the Grovener Casino Walsall. All 8 of the super Feather weights weighed in with 2 of the fighters coming in over the agreed 9 stone 6 limit set for the quarter finals of this tournament.

Here are the weights

Josh Baillie v Louis Fielding

Baillie weighed in light at 9 stone 2, Fielding weighed in bang on 9 stone 6.

Manny Zaber v Jack Summers

Manny weighed in 9 stone 4 Summers stepped on the scales at 9 stone 8 two pounds over the weight limit, he was given a hour to lose the weight or he would still fight but Zaber would go through via default.

Joe Ducker v Luke Jones

Ducker and Jones made weight weighing in at 9 stone 5.

Indi Sangha v Wagas Mohammed

Subsitute Sangha weighed in at 9 Stone 5 and Mohammed weighed in at 9 stone 7 one pound over the weight limit. Like Summers he would have a hour to make the weight or Sangha would go to the semi's via default.

The show is at Walsall town hall Sunday 15th in the afternoon.

Dexter's thoughts

I have really been looking forward to this show, it is going to be a great night of boxing. I can not understand how 2 of the fighters have not made the weight, we are talking about a tournament that is only going to move you up the pegging order in the super fly-weight division which could also end up with you being crowned Midlands area super fly-weight champion. These 2 boxers must have known they were over the limit or they need to invest in some decent scales. I think Mohammed might make the weight but I can not see Summers dropping 2 and a bit pounds in the allotted hour, very unprofessional but you never know what has happened in there respected camps. I hope both of them make weight and we can see who of them will go on to the semi finals on November 25th. 

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