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BCB promotions The World Awaits ft

BCB promotions

The World Awaits


Black Country Boxing Promotions held their latest show “The World Awaits” at Walsall Town Hall Walsall (14/10 /17) With a packed out hall and over 40,000 viewers watching on BCB TV which is steamed live on their Facebook site and with a IBF Youth title on the line in the main event, the stage was set for a great night of boxing compared by professional MC Ben Walters.

Fight 1


Nathan Stevens v Dmitry Kalvonski


Stevens started the fightvwell, banging in some good combinations as he started his boxing journey on his official debut. The second round saw Stevens put his punches together well, Kalvonski covered up well.

Kalvonski started to have a go in round 3 and got some good shots off, Stevens was tested in this round and fought back well, but Kalvonski nicked it. The final round saw Kalvonski keep the pressure on, Stevens fought back hard but again Kalvonski nicked this round.


Dexter - 38-38

Ref - 38-38


Fight 2


Andrei Robinson v Lewis Van Poetsch


The first 2 rounds saw Robinson control the centre of the ring and get some good shots off with Van Poetsch covering up well to see the rounds out. In the third Van Poetsch picked up the pace and got some shots off at Robinson, D’Animal returned fire tenfold with some nice combination and body shots.

Van Poetsch worked well in the 4th and gave a good account of himself in this round, Robinson got his own combination off and nicked the round with the cleaner shots. Robinson stepped up the pace and banged in some nice body shots, Robinson was warned by the ref for hitting low but won the round with ease. The final round saw Robinson walk Van Poetsch down as he tried to stay away catching him with some good shots to win the round.


Dexter - 60-54

Ref - 60-54

Robinson wins on points.

Fight 3

Super Welterweight

Ryan Davis v Paul Cummings


Not much in the first round both boxers just feeling each other out, Davis won the round on work rate. In the second Cummings started brightly getting some good shots off, Davis returned fire and got some cracking shots off to win the round.

Good third round for Davis who went through the gears and banged in some hurtful shots, Cummings continued to battle on to see the round out. The final round saw Davis keep up his high tempo attack and get some great shots off to win the round and his second fight.


Dexter - 40-36

Ref - 40-36

Davis wins on points

Fight 4

Super Middleweight

Emmauel Moussinga v Dwain Grant


Grant who entered the ring in a scream Halloween mask slipped and slid his way through the first round avoiding a lot of Moussinga’s shots, Grant got some shots off of his own to win the round. Grant again slip and avoided loads of Moussinga’s shots but lost the second round on work rate as he did get caught a few times.