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BCB promotions The World Awaits ft

BCB promotions

The World Awaits


Black Country Boxing Promotions held their latest show “The World Awaits” at Walsall Town Hall Walsall (14/10 /17) With a packed out hall and over 40,000 viewers watching on BCB TV which is steamed live on their Facebook site and with a IBF Youth title on the line in the main event, the stage was set for a great night of boxing compared by professional MC Ben Walters.

Fight 1


Nathan Stevens v Dmitry Kalvonski


Stevens started the fightvwell, banging in some good combinations as he started his boxing journey on his official debut. The second round saw Stevens put his punches together well, Kalvonski covered up well.

Kalvonski started to have a go in round 3 and got some good shots off, Stevens was tested in this round and fought back well, but Kalvonski nicked it. The final round saw Kalvonski keep the pressure on, Stevens fought back hard but again Kalvonski nicked this round.


Dexter - 38-38

Ref - 38-38


Fight 2


Andrei Robinson v Lewis Van Poetsch


The first 2 rounds saw Robinson control the centre of the ring and get some good shots off with Van Poetsch covering up well to see the rounds out. In the third Van Poetsch picked up the pace and got some shots off at Robinson, D’Animal returned fire tenfold with some nice combination and body shots.

Van Poetsch worked well in the 4th and gave a good account of himself in this round, Robinson got his own combination off and nicked the round with the cleaner shots. Robinson stepped up the pace and banged in some nice body shots, Robinson was warned by the ref for hitting low but won the round with ease. The final round saw Robinson walk Van Poetsch down as he tried to stay away catching him with some good shots to win the round.


Dexter - 60-54

Ref - 60-54

Robinson wins on points.

Fight 3

Super Welterweight

Ryan Davis v Paul Cummings


Not much in the first round both boxers just feeling each other out, Davis won the round on work rate. In the second Cummings started brightly getting some good shots off, Davis returned fire and got some cracking shots off to win the round.

Good third round for Davis who went through the gears and banged in some hurtful shots, Cummings continued to battle on to see the round out. The final round saw Davis keep up his high tempo attack and get some great shots off to win the round and his second fight.


Dexter - 40-36

Ref - 40-36

Davis wins on points

Fight 4

Super Middleweight

Emmauel Moussinga v Dwain Grant


Grant who entered the ring in a scream Halloween mask slipped and slid his way through the first round avoiding a lot of Moussinga’s shots, Grant got some shots off of his own to win the round. Grant again slip and avoided loads of Moussinga’s shots but lost the second round on work rate as he did get caught a few times.

Moussinga seemed to tier in the third and Grant took advantage of this getting some good shots off, Moussinga came back but Grant won the round. The final round saw Moussinga keep battling away and again his work rate was good, but Grant slipped his shots and countered well to win the round.


Dexter - 37-39

Ref 36-40

Grant wins on points.

Fight 5

Waz Ahmad v Gary Reeve


Ahmad started well and got some good shots off with a high tempo work rate, Reeve fought back but Ahmad won the round. The second was a good round with both fighters having joy, Reeve got some nice combinations off but Ahmad stayed composed and came back with his own good combinations to win the round.

Ahmad controlled the third with some lovely combinations and shot selection going body to head and then reversing it. The final round saw Ahmad control the centre of the ring and stark Reeves down as he moved well and kept his distance to see the round out.


Dexter – 40-36

Ref – 40-36

Amhad wins on points

Fight 6

Super Welterweight

Jordan Clayton v Nathan Hardy


Clayton came out fast in the first round and got some cracking shots off, Hardy stayed relaxed and moved well but Clayton won the round. The second saw Clayton come out strong he was looking sharp and was winning the round, Hardy then caught him with a right hand as Clayton was moving in which opened a cut over Clayton left eye. Hardy seemed to get a boost from this but Clayton continued his good work and won the round.

Clayton's corner did a great job on the cut as he came out for the third round, their seemed to be a air of urgency in Clayton’s work and he was walking onto silly shots which opened the cut up again and he was getting caught with the jab to easy. Hardy seemed to sense Clayton was there for the taking and let a barrage of shots off that caught Clayton clean. Clayton took the shots well and with blood pouring down his face which must have been impairing his vision battled back hard but Hardy got this round.

In the 5th Clayton marched forward and applied pressure for the whole of the round, Hardy moved well popping out the jab and countering when Clayton attacked. In the final round Clayton took the fight to Hardy who countered well with his jab being the telling shot, but I think the cut over Clayton’s eye was the telling factor in this fight.


Dexter – 57-58

Ref – 57-57


Main Event

IBF Youth Lightweight Title

Luke Paddock v Myron Mills


Great start to this world title fight with both fighters having joy with Mills just edging the first round. Round 2 and 3 saw Mills get some nice uppercut and body shots in and just the more eye catching shots, Paddock was moving well but Mills was making him miss a lot.

The forth round saw Paddock have his best round so far catching Mills with some good shots and sending the Walsall town hall noise levels through the roof but Mills did enough to draw the round. The 5th round saw Paddock continued his good work from the last round and banged in some nice shots. Mills got some good shots off as well but Paddock won the round. The sixth round was even with both fighters having their moments in this even round.

Mills went back to what had worked for him in the early rounds in the seventh catching Paddock with some lovely short uppercut and right hooks to the head and got some good body shots in as well. In the eighth Paddock had some joy again but Mills continued to catch him with short hooks and body shots.

Round nine saw Mills catch Paddock with some cracking right hands opening up a cut over Paddocks left eye, as blood poured down Paddocks face Mills was relentless in his attacks. In the tenth and final round, Mills went for it and caught Paddock with some great shots, Paddock fought back, his face covered in blood, but Mills would not be denied.


Dexter – 94-99

Official scoring

Judge 1 – 93-97

Judge 2 – 96-94

Judge 3 – 93-97

Split Decision

Mills IBF Youth lightweight title.

Dexter Thoughts

What a great night of boxing spoilt by a few idiots kicking off before the final result was announced. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to send it’s deepest sympathies to the young man’s family who lost his life outside the event in a brutal stabbing. We at the Column have attend lots of Black Country Boxing’s shows and their has never been any kind of trouble like this before. The BCB had a strict search policy on the doors and had 16 door supervisors on shift and when the trouble started cleared the hall very promptly.

As for the show there were some great fights Stevens did well on his debut but will be disappointed in just getting a draw. Robinson went though the gears winning his 6 rounder with ease, the same goes for Ryan Davis who won his second fight.

Dwain Grant the away fighter won a hard fought match in style, he looked good in his Mayweather stance and slipped and avoided lot of shots and counter well. Jordan Clayton had a test tonight as the cut he sustained played a big part in the result, I did have him losing by 1 point but can see an argument for a draw. Clayton keeps his unbeaten record and I’m sure will learn from this fight, the column looks forward to reporting on him again as soon a the cut has healed.

The main event was a great fight with both fighters giving it their all, I had it heavy in Mills favour but Paddock kept battling and made a great fight of it. I was surprised that it was a split decision but everyone sees fights differently. The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to BCB’s next show and will be there to report on it.

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