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Super Series Rescheduled For New Year


BCB's Midlands Boxing Super Series will now restart in the New Year. The series, featuring eight super featherweights, was due to start on Sunday but was postponed due to the death of Reagan Asbury outside Walsall Town Hall. Whilst the investigation is ongoing, and with the eight boxers and their supporters unsure of when the quarter finals would be rescheduled for, we feel it is right and proper for all concerned to reschedule the exciting tournament for the New Year. A new draw will take place and the line-up may well change but the concept remains the same: 8 boxers, 3 nights, 1 title. Who will be the last man standing? Supporters who purchased tickets for Sunday's show can receive a full refund from the point of purchase.Boxers, who has paid in all ticket money at Saturday's weigh-in, will receive their ticket money back to redistribute this week.

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