• Dexter Hastings

BcB Promotions Festive Fight Night

BcB Promotions

Festive Fight Night!


Black Country Boxing held their Festive Fight Night show at the Imperial Banqueting suite Bilston. The show consisted of 5 professional fights with 3 four rounders, one 6 rounder and a eight rounder which was being contested by a former WBA world champion all over 3 minutes. With the BcB ring girl Kristy doing the ring cards, Ben Walters comparing and Keven Parker refereing the stage was set for a entertaining night of boxing.

Fight 1

Super Welterweight

Steven Power v Michael Mooney

10.8. 4x3. 10.4

Power eased himself into his pro debut with some nice shots. Mooney the veteran moved Power round well with Power coming on strong in the later part of the round. Power started the second round brightly and got some good combinations off, Mooney fought back well but Power won the round.

Power stepped up the pace in the third and let his hands go with some neat combinations pushing Mooney to the ropes. Mooney as always battled hard and made the debutante work all the way. Good final round, Mooney earned his pay and made Power work all the way for his first win.


Dexter 40 – 36

Ref 40 – 36

Power wins on points

Fight 2


David Avanesyan v Serge Abomination

11.5 8x3. 11.4

Even start to the round with both boxers getting their shots off, Avanesyan a former WBA welterweight champion stepped up the pace near the end of the round and caught Abomo with a lovely left hook body shot to put him down for a eight count. Round two was another good round with Abomo seeming to have recovered from the knockdown in the first and got some good shots off. Avanesyan boxed clever and got some cracking shots off of his own to win the round.

Avanesyan controlled the centre of the ring in the third but I would have to give this round to Abomo who had the cleaner and heaver shots. Round four saw both fighters start strong still looking like they had a it left in the engine, I could not really split them in this round. The fifth was another close round with Avanesyan winning it with the cleaner shots.

Avanesyan controlled the centre of the ring and banged in some good combinations, Abomo got some good shots off but Avanesyan won this one. Another too and throw round until Avanesyan caught Abomo with a cracking right cross right on the button. Abomo managed to get to his feet at the count of nine and see out the round. In the final round both boxers went for it but Avanesyan's class shone through as he banged in some cracking shots to finish a very entertaining fight.


Dexter 79 -73

Ref 79 – 72

Avanesyan wins on points

Fight 3


Danny Ball v Paul Cummings


Ball came out strong from the first bell and worked well behind his jab and banged in some nice combinations, he caught Cummings with a cracking right hook putting him down. Cummings managed to get to his feet and took a count and then let him continue. Ball continued with a barrage of viscous lefts and rights until the ref stopped the fight in 2 minutes 44 seconds of the first round.


Ball wins ref stopped fight.

Fight 4


Connor Parker v Kristian Laight

10.2. 4x3. 10.3

Good steady round with Laight putting Parker through his paces, Parker worked hard to win the round. Round 2 was another steady round with Parker being made to work the whole round by Laight.

The third round Parker picked up the pace and banged some good shots in to win the round, Laight battled back and covered up well but Parker won this round. The final round saw some nice tidy work by Parker working well behind his jab, Laight did get some good shots off but Parker won the round.


Dexter 40 – 36

Ref 40 – 36

Parker wins on points

Fight 5


Tommy Ghent v Danny Little

10.12 6x3. 11

Ghent controlled the first round from the first bell, he put some great combinations together and some nice shot selection. Round 2 was another great round by Ghent, he picked some cracking shots and looked like he could stop little at any time. The third round saw little try to have a go, but Ghent showed his class and banged in some cracking combinations and counters to win the round.

In the forth Ghent showed great shot selection and movement and really put Little through the mill in this round. Round 5 saw Ghent showed lovely movement again working well behind his jab, Little got some joy near the end of the round but it was Ghent round. Ghent showed why they call him the Rock n Rolla with some nice slick movement and great shot selection, followed by some hurtful body shots, little continued to battle but Ghent was on another level.


Dexter – 60-54

Ref – 60-54

Ghent wins on points

Dexter's Thoughts

It was a cold night in Birmingham and on my way out my door I thought about not making the journey to Bilston for this show. I am so happy I did, it was a great night of boxing with all 5 home fighters being new to me. Congratulations to Steven Power getting a debut victory, he was made to work hard for his win by Mooney but got the win. I was also impressed with Danny Ball who got a first round stoppage again another reliable fighter in Paul Cummings, with relentless combos after the knock down the ref had no choice but the stop it. Connor Parker looked good against the experience Kristian Laight winning a points decision. David Avanesyan showed he is still world class after winning his fight convincingly, he is a former WBA welterweight champion so it was a great privilege to see him on a small hall event. The main event of the night was an eye opener as well, unbeaten Tommy Ghent really did impress me, his movement and shot selection where fantastic. This was the first time I had seen the 7 and 0 fighter and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing him box again.

Finally I would like to give a massive respect to the away fighters, the “Journey men” the lads that put the up and coming boxers though there paces and give them the valuable ring experience they need. Paul Cummings, Michael Mooney, Danny Little and last but by no means least Kristian Laight, I have seen all these fighters box several times over the last few years and they have all done the job they have been asked to do. They are the back bone of boxing and they should be commended for what they do.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank the BcB for having us at hurt show.