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Eggington returned on Khan Show at new weight

Eggington returned on Khan Show at new weight 

Eastside’s Sam Eggington returns to the ring after losing his European welterweight title to Mohamed Mimoune in October last year. Sam is now moving up in weight to one of the hottest contested weights in boxing, Super Welterweight. He will be debuting at his new weight as part of the undercard of Amir Khan v Phil Lo Greco on the 21st of April at the Echo arena Liverpool live on Sky sports. His opponent has yet to be announced but Eggington is looking forward to taking on someone at least at European level.

The Savage told the Stourbridge News, "It's a real relief more than anything to move up in weight because I can't explain just how much of a struggle it was for me trying to make 10st 7lbs." "Against Mimoune, I still had all the attributes as before, I was able to take shots and he couldn't stop me coming forward and pushing, but I just didn't have the same energy. "I stayed longer at welterweight because I didn't want to give up my title and was getting big fights, but I was always depleted. But I've got that spring back now and can't wait to get going again."

"I need the first fight to go well and then build from there. I don't mind who I fight but I want to look past British level and start where I left off again. I'd jump at the chance of a European title shot.

"I leave the opponents to my team but I'd face anyone. I wasn't a small welterweight and have the power and strength and now the freedom of not having to cut weight as well. "I'm loving being in camp again and training. It's a mind set issue more than anything. When you're struggling with your weight it makes everything difficult but now I can enjoy it again."

Dexter’s Thought's

Great to hear that Sam has got a date for his debut at the new weight, I talked to him a few months ago about him moving up in weight while he was training at Eastside Gym. He explained to me that he had talked to Nutritionist and they had said that even if they got him to zero percent fat he would not be able to make welterweight anymore so the move up was the natural and obvious decision. This will be a new challenge for the Savage and not having to worry so much about weight will take some pressure off him. He has always looked big as a welterweight, and from what I have seen he looks even bigger and stronger at super welterweight. I think Sam is going to make big waves in this division, after he has proved himself at the weight I can see some mouth watering fights for him against WBC champ Jermell Charlo, WBA champ Erisianfy Lara or more domestically Liam Smith or Special K Kell Brook. But before all these big fights can happen Sam has to do the business on the 21st April and show the world the Savage is ready to take the super welterweight division by storm. 

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