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Road warrior Andrew Patterson

Road warrior Andrew Patterson

Andrew Patterson is a former professional boxer from Castle Bromwich, the 38 year old known as Paddy fought at welterweight and light Middleweight in his pro, amateur and unlicensed career. The 5 foot 10 orthodox fighter picked up the gloves at a late age, he was 26 the first time he walked into a boxing gym to deal with some anger management problems he was having and to do something that kept him away from drink and drugs.

Patterson had a limited amateur career at Small Heath ABC only having 6 fights winning 3 and losing 3, he then went on to have a few unlicensed fights before making the change to the pro ranks. As a pro Andrew was managed first by Bbcolumn hall of famer Richie Woodhall and by another bbcolumn hall of famer Jon Pegg. Patterson had 50 professional fights winning 6 and drawing 3, he told me when asked who trained “I would say that Lenny Woodhall (Bbcolumn hall of famer) was my main trainer and cornerman, but it was all under the watchful eye of John Pegg”. Paddy continued “I never took boxing that seriously so a lot of the time I would train by myself”. Patterson fought some tough opponents in his pro career with the likes of Sam Eggington, Liam Smith an Tommy Coyle.

My next question for the Andrew was who is your favourite boxer? Patterson told me “I haven't really got a favourite boxer because I was never a boxing fan and I just did it for a bit of fun and easy money”.

I then asked hum I, what is the best fight he has saw? He said “I can't really name a particular favourite fight because I am not a boxing purist but I like to watch a good tear up and to see a good fair fight where both Fighters earn their money*. My final question to the tough journey man was what has been you hardest fight and why? Paddy informed me “I can't really think of a particularly difficult fight because with my lack of skill every fight was going to be difficult but because I had a good chin and a high pain threshold from years of skateboarding I managed to get through all of my fights with ease although people watching would probably say otherwise”. Patterson then recalled My most challenging fight was against fellow journeymen and Road warrior Steve Spence in a 10 x 3 minute round British Masters title fight where I got stopped in the last round. We were both game because we had both been up against top opposition but he was just too big and too strong in the later rounds”. Paddy continued “The fight was on Tommy Owens first TOPromotions show where I had Sullivan Mason, Sam Eggington and Tommy Langford on my undercard”.

Andrew who has had over 200 and counting unlicensed fights finish by saying “I still really enjoy boxing and can still compete at a competitive level but my fighting days are well over so I'm happy to move new lads round or have a little bit of a scrap with the more experienced lads. As long as nobody gets hurt and I earn a bit of pocket money for my children then I class that as a win regardless of what the referee says”. “Boxing has and will continue to be a massive part of my adult life and it has helped me stay off the drink for the last 18 months and I have met some great people along the way and I look forward to meeting new people on the boxing circuit whether it is amateur pro or unlicensed”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I first met Paddy over 10 years ago when I had my first unlicensed fight at the Copthorpe hotel Merry Hill. He was taking on my gym mate Jimmy Tarrna on the same bill, Paddy was a stone lighter than Jimmy and that took its toll as Jimmy stopped him in the first round. Paddy soon turned to the pro ranks and made a name for himself as a tough journey man. After he retired from the pro ranks he still kept his hand in the game fighting on the unlicensed scene. I have reffed Paddy a number of time over the years in the unlicensed game and have got to know him well. He always puts on a good show and did enough to put his opponent through there paces. Paddy has had his problems over the years and faced a lot of demons, but has came out the other side a better person and is still doing the odd unlicensed show. He has had over 250 fights in his respective careers and you would find it hard to find anyone with a bad word to say about him. Andrew “Paddy” Patterson is a true road warrior who dedicated a big peace of his life to boxing.

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