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Ring Wars 8

There were 3 titles on the line in this unlicensed show a the H-Suite Edgbaston.

The first title fight was for the SPBF Light heavyweight title contested between Fightden's Josh Hodgins and Michael Fitzpatrick over 4 three minute rounds. This was a cracking contest, with both fighter going all out, at the end of the final round the Josh Hodgins was the clear winner. This was a great fight and both fighters should take a lot of credit for putting on a great display of boxing.

The second title was for the Trevor Smith Challenge belt where Marc Gauntlett stopped his opponent in the second round to win the title.

In the main event Ash Smith took on the Gypsy kid Isaac Gibbs for the SPBF cruiserweights title over 4 rounds. Smith won by stopping Gibbs in the second round winning the title.

Also with a mention is Gary Deakin who at the age of 52 won a hard fought 3 rounder against an opponent at least 25 year younger than him.

There was also a cracking Heavyweight contest between Craig Taylor and Dan Podmore, Taylor was given the result in this very close and hard fought fight with a lot of people thinking Podmore won or at least deserved a draw.

This win for Taylor has propelled him to be in line for a crack at the SPBF British title against current champion Neil Rigby.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Cracking show with some great fights, congratulations to the title winners Hodgins, Smith and Gauntlett. Massive respect goes out to Gary Deakin as a fellow fighter of age I know how much he had to put into this fight, he is a inspiration to people that age is just a number and you can do anything if you put your mind to it. The Taylor, Podmore fight was a all out war and a very close fight where either could have got the result, Taylor got the verdict and moves on to take on Rigby for the British title, this will be a interesting fight.

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