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Battle at the Bank's BcB

Black Country boxing held there penultimate show of the year at the Bank’s stadium suite at Walsall football ground (7,12,19). The show consisted of 6 bouts of boxing with three of them being over 4 three minute rounds and two over six 3 minute rounds. Doing the 4 rounders’ in the home corner you had Troi Coleman, Cole Johnson and Owen Copper. Doing six rounders’ you had the unbeaten Liam Davis and the former British title challenger Ricky Summers. The main event was a Midlands area title match for the Featherweight title to be contested over 10 rounds. With Kevin Parker refereeing on the night and the stunning Toni from Diamond ring girls doing the round cards the stage was set for an exciting night of boxing.

Fight 1 Troi Coleman v Sam Omidi Super Middleweight 4x3

Steady start to the round by both fighters as they sized each other up, close round as both fighters got good shots off, Coleman nicked the round. The second was another good round with Omidi making a good account of himself, Coleman was getting good jabs and one two’s off to nick the round again. In the third Coleman stepped up the pace and got some cracking combinations off, Omidi continued to work hard but was now getting out boxed. In the final round Coleman was in control and was boxing well, Omidi fought back hard but it was Coleman’s round.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Coleman wins on points

Fight 2 Liam Davis v Stefan Nicolae Super Bantamweight 6x3

Cracking first round with both fighters getting good shots off, both fighters got caught with good shots, even round. In the second this was turning out to be a great test for the unbeaten Davis as Nicolae was boxing well and got some eye catching shots off. Davis never looked flustered and won the round with the cleaner shots. In the third Davis got his jab going well but Nicolae was still looking to bang in big shots, there were some really good exchanges at the end of the round, another close one but Davis nicked it.

Round 4 was another hard fought round with Nicolae continued to press and get some good shots off, Davis rose to the occasion and came back with good shots to nick the round. Nicolae seemed to be tiring in the fifth but was moving well and still getting some good shots off, Davis's work rate won him the round. Davis worked well behind his jab in the final round getting some nice combinations off, Nicolae looked tired now but continued to press and tested Davis until the final bell.

Result Dexter – 60-55 Ref - 59-55 Davis wins on points

Fight 3 Cole Johnson v Dean Jones Lightweight 4x3

Johnson started the first round fast and was getting some cracking combinations off and showing great movement winning the round with ease. Jones was earning his money tonight as Johnson banged in some heavy combinations in the second, Jones fought back as hard as he could but Johnson was all over him. In the third Johnson continued to bang in great combinations as Jones covered up well and came back with shot of his own. Jones pressed at the start of the final round but he was soon on the back foot as Johnson piled on the pressure to the joy of his fans.

Results Dexter - 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Johnson wins on points

Fight 4 Owen Cooper v Fonzo Alexander Welterweight 4x3