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Beccy Ferguson Female Professional Boxer

Single mother of 2 Beccy Ferguson made her professional debut in October of 2021 taking on the very experience Kirstie Bavington losing on points in a six-round contest. Beccy has had 4 pro fights with all of them on the road and has won one of them. Known as ‘The Firebomb’ the 31-year southpaw who is originally from Shrewsbury moved to Stoke 8 months ago to pursue her boxing career. Ferguson is 5 foot six and had 7 unlicensed fights winning 4 of them before turning over to the professional ranks.

Beccy fights out of Impact gym in Stoke and is managed by Scott Lawton, and trained by Scott and Jason Crompton.

When asked who her favorite boxer was, she informed me “I have a few like Muhammad Ali because of his attitude and heart, Mike Tyson for his brutality, Jessica Mckaskill because of her pure heart and determination in fights she just never gives up and finally Joe Calazghe, he is just pure talent and greatness”.

When asked about the best fight she had ever saw Ferguson told me, “The best fight I’ve seen is a tough one but one of my favorites are the Gatti v Ward fights they were just unreal”.

I then asked Beccy how long she has been boxing for? She told me “I have trained on and off from my mid 20s but have only really been able to give it my all since my second child was born, so coming up to 2 years I’d say I have been training every day without fail”.

We then chatted about what inspired her to take up the noble art, ‘The Firebomb’ told me “I have a lot of stuff I have been through in my life, that I don’t care to go into detail about other than to say it made me lose myself. I looked to boxing as a release at first, but not long after it took over me, made me feel me, gave me something that nothing else ever could. I have fallen in love with the sport and it saved me more than anyone will know. I will now always continue to pursue my career to make myself proud and my children, they are my everything and this is for us! I’m a better person, a stronger minded person and I have finally learnt to love myself, and I have boxing to thank for that”.

We then talked about her four fights so far and I asked the question, which has been your toughest fight so? Ferguson told me “I can’t say that any of my fights haven’t been tough, as never have I been handed an opponent. I never had much experience against most of the women I have fought. But I have to say my first pro fight against Kirsty Bavington, straight into a 6 rounder against a class, tough and great opponent. It was a big test for me, I know Kirsty and we have sparred rounds in the past previous to the fight, so I knew how tough she was and how hard it was going to be. But in there I proved my heart and determination I didn’t give up, and I gave her a decent fight and I feel I gained respect from a lot of people that night. I respect Kirsty a lot so afterwards I was so happy to of shared that first fight with someone like her and went the distance”.

Beccy then said “I have to shout out to my sponsors who also help keep this going for me too, it’s hard and the help and support is always so much appreciated Blink digital, Salt house pet boarding and Freedom Park, Blink recruitment and J binz photography.

Beccy finished by saying “I learnt a lot last year in a short space of time and I will continue to learn and grow every fight I have. I have more push in me than ever now so I’m excited to see what the future holds for me! I’m coming for it.”

Beccy continued “I’d also like to give special thanks to my mum and pops, I couldn’t do it without them and their support through my training and fights camps with my babies. I have a lot of fight in me and this is just the beginning”!

“I also have an upcoming home show fight on the 4th of march which I’m really looking forward too. It’s going to be great to box in front of my hometown and friends and family and also along side all my team mates” !!

“I’m keen to get this year off the right way, so whoever my opponent is best be ready, because nothing is stopping me now”.

Dexter’s Thought’s

I was at Beccy’s first pro fight against the tough and talented Kirsty Bavington last October and even though she didn’t win she proved that night that she will ask questions in the super Lightweight division. Ferguson asked a lot of questions of Bavington in her first fight and had her moments but it was always going to be a hard ask against and experienced fighter like Kirsty. Beccy has been on the road for her four fights and has given these home boxers great battles even getting a win on the road. Beccy may have started as a road warrior but may also prove to be so much more if she wins her home show fight and gets some wins in 2022. I look forward to reporting on ‘The Firebomb’ and her rise in women’s boxing.

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