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Bermuda Born Christopher

Tyler Christopher aka ‘Mike Tyler’ is a 25 year old Bermuda born Welterweight who boxes out of Birmingham. The 6-foot-tall southpaw boxed for the Bermuda National team as an amateur and had 12 fights winning 9 of them.

Christopher has had 3 professional contests winning all of them and is trained by Anthony Hull at Dna boxing school of excellence. Christopher made his pro debut in October of 2021in a 4-round contest against the tough journeyman Josh Hodgins winning on points at the H-Suite Edgbaston Birmingham. His next fight was a month later at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham where he beat Mohamed Husain in a 4 round contest winning on points 39 to 38 in a very competitive contest. Christopher had his last fight at the end of February beating Carl Turney on points in a very solid victory at The Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham. After his two fights in 2021 he was named in the Bbcolumn’s awards as a Boxer to watch for 2022.

My first question to Christopher was, who is your favourite boxer and why? Tyler told me “Terrance Crawford, he has great boxing fundamentals, can switch stance and can also adapt to any situation in the ring when the time arrives. He shows great composer and is a dog in the ring, kind of like a pit bull when bitten”. I then asked the Bermuda born fighter, what is the best fight he has saw? He informed me “the best fights I’ve seen would have to be all three of the Tyson fury against Deontay Wilder”.

I then asked the unbeaten fighter, what inspired you to take up the noble art? Christopher said “I started boxing when I was in a boy’s home, I wanted to get better at fighting on the streets in Bermuda, I ended up having a talent for it and stuck with it. My final question to Tyler was, what has been your toughest fight so far? He told me “ my hardest fight would have to been when I fought in Colombia against a guy from Puerto Rico whilst boxing for Bermuda”.

Christopher finished by saying “I have a documentary about my boxing journey along with another lad from Bermuda who’s boxing career has taken him towards America and mines in Britain.

“I’m looking forward to getting a Midlands title shot at the end of 2022 or in early 2023. I believe I have the boxing ability to reach the British level of boxing. Follow me on Instagram @ miketyler_96”

Dexter’s Thought’s

I have been at all three of Christopher's fights and have really been impressed with the Bermuda born fighter. His first fight was against the very tough Journeyman Josh Hodgins who pressed and pressured him for the four rounds. He showed great movement and shot picking in that fight to get my interest by it was his second fight that really showcased his talent. In his second fight he took on a debutant in Mohamed Husain who brought a big following and had came to win. Christopher showed great movement and shot picking as he worked well with great counters and stood his ground when needed to win and hard-fought contest. It was this fight that got him mentioned as a Boxer to watch in the Bbcolumn Awards and I can see a Midlands title i fight at the end of this year or the start of 2023. Christopher definitely has the potential to get to British level without a doubt and with his DnA team behind him I’m sure he will get his chance.

I look forward to following his career.


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