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Date Set For Pitters Title Shot

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

It has been a long wait for this news but finally Shakan Pitters has been given the date for his British Light Heavyweight title challenge. The unbeaten and current English Light Heavyweight champ Shakan Pitters (30) will be taking on Craig Richards (29) for the vacant Lonsdale belt. The fight has yet to have a venue announced but rumours are it may well be held in the Midlands, the date has been confirmed for the 28th March with the show being promoted by Hennessy Sports and will also be aired live on channel 5. Shakan who has a unbeaten record of 13 wins without defeat won the English Light Heavyweight title eating Champion Dec Spelman on a unanimous points decision in September of 2019. Richards has also got an impressive record of 15 wins one draw and one defeat with his only defeat coming when he lost to Frank Buglioni on points for the very same British title in 2017. This will be without doubt Pitters biggest challenge but the giant of the Light Heavyweight division has waited a long time for the date to be confirmed and will be ready to claim the Lonsdale belt and enter the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame’.

Pitters seemed in a confident mood when I talked to him, I asked the 6 foot 6 giant How he felt when he was given the date for the fight? Shakan told me "It feels good to have a date for the British title fight now, good preparation time, and more than enough time". My next question for Pitters was, there are rumours the fight could be in the Midlands do you think this will be an advantage for you? Shakan told me "I see myself with the advantage where ever we fight and where ever the location of the ring is, but it would be just great to fight closer to home as it’s been a while since I have, it BV would be great for my fans not to have to travel and arrange coaches this time round". I then asked the English champ, the show is being aired live on channel five, will you be neavous because of the this? The Eastside fight told me "No, I thrive for these kind of moments... I’ve fought on TV and big stages regularly now so to me it’s another day at the office". My final question for the soon to be Bbcolumn 'Hall of Famer' was how do you seeing the fight going? Shakan said "I believe since Craig’s last fight he’ll come to give it his all and of course I’ll bring my ‘A’ Game as usual but my hand will be raised whether it’ll be points or a stoppage my hand will be raised". Shakan finished by saying "Thanks for all the support, following my journey and the city of Birmingham a lot of people from my home town have and continue to show me love... thanks to yourself (Dexter Hastings) for following my journey from the beginning and all my sponsors who continue to support my journey".

Dexter’s Thoughts

It is great to hear the date has been set for this Light Heavyweight title match and no one deserves it more than Shakan Pitters. He has showcased his boxing skills on the Tommy Owens Promotions shows for the first few years of his career and then went on to fight on 2 arena shows. Him and his team then put his unbeaten record on the line in the Ultimate boxxer which he won with ease. This put him very much in the spotlight but and official title was still missing from his record. When he was offered the opportunity to fight the English Light Heavyweight champ Dec Spelman for his title he took it . Shaken and his Eastside team went down to York hall Bethnal Green London and put on a master class beating Spelman on a unanimous points decision and claiming the title. After talking to Shakan on many an occasion I know how much fighting for the British title means to him and he will only have winning on his mind. Richards will be no push over that is for sure and I’m sure he will be hoping its second time lucky after losing last time he fought for it. Fingers crossed the rumours are true and the fight will be held in Midlands to give Pitters the support he deserves.

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