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DnA Gyms Prospect Jagdeep purewal

Young DnA school of excellence boxing gym fighter Jagdeep Purewal has aspirations of getting a Lonsdale belt around his waist in the next few years. Know a Jag and nicknamed “Freeze” the 21-year-old from Stirchley Selly Oak has a professional record of 2 fight and 2 wins. The super Lightweight had 4 amateur fights and won them all before turning over to the pros. Jag who stands at 5 foot 9 fights out of DnA boxing school of excellences and it trainer by head coach Anthony Hull.

When asked who his favourite fighter was and why? He informed me “My favourite boxer is Nigel Benn, even though my style doesn’t replicate nothing like him I believe he was very straight to the point and was one of the fearless fighters of all time”. I then asked the unbeaten fighter what has been the best fight he has saw? Jag said “The best fight I have seen is hands down Micky Ward vs Arturo Gatti trilogy hands down best fights i watched”

Purewal who has been boxing for 6 years was then asked what inspired him to take up the noble art? He told me “I took up boxing to get fit and to train, when I started I had low confidence and was overweight I was also being bullied. Boxing help build may confidence and also inspired me to compete and make a name for myself and do my family and team proud”.

I then asked Jag, what are your aspirations in boxing? He told me “My aspirations in boxing would be to get to British level, I’m not big headed I’m always willing to learn and take every fight as it comes, step by step learning my craft and knowing I’ve got the right people around me. I have some seasoned and up coming pros around me to help me with my journey such as Ishmael Ellis, Andrew Robinson, Elliott Sowe, Mike Tyler and of course my coaches who has kept faith in me from when I started in the gym Anthony Hull. He is wise and is a great mentor to all of us, he has helped me adapt my style and learn my craft, I also have to mention my strength and Conditioning coach Vinnie who’s has helped me out with working on my power and explosiveness.

Dexter’s Thought’s

have seen both of Jags pro fights and I like the way he fights. His trainer Anthony Hull mentioned to me at his second fight that he fought similar to me in my hail day and I have to agree. Jag has a nice e relaxed style where he shoots his jab from the hip and uses his moment and footwork to avoid punches. He is still learning his craft and honing his skills and his style will bring him critics as it did to me. It was always said to me that I was open for the left hook which I probably was but I adapted my style to incorporate this and hardly ever got caught with a left hook clean. In Jags last fight he got caught with a few of them but took them well but this is something that him and his team can work on. He is a young fighter and has the potential to get to British level and his style will put him in exciting fights and his career will be entertaining. The Bbcolumn look forward to reporting on the DnA gym fighter.

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