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England Awaits For Benjamin 

Eastside gyms Kaisee Benjamin (24) and his team will be heading to Essex to take on unbeaten fighter Shaquille Day in a Eliminator for the Welterweight English title. The fight will be at the Brentwood Centre Essex on the 7th March. The Birmingham hard hitter has given up his Midlands area title which he won on the road against Alex Fearon with a 6 round TKO victory. Benjamin then went on and defended his title twice getting a draw against Danny Ball and beating Levi Ferguson on points. Benjamin’s who has won 9 out of his 11 fights with his only defeat coming in the first Ultimate boxxer contest losing on points to Sam Evens.

Day has a record of 13 without defeat and won the southern Welterweight area title in his last fight beating Louis Adolphe on points in his first 10 round contest. Day (26) who is know as ‘The Black Mexican’ has 2 knockouts to his record with Benjamin having the same, this has the potential to be a great fight.

I caught up with Benjamin and asked the hard hitter how training has gone and has he changed anything in his training for this fight? He told me “Training has been going good so far, I’m feeling very fit and sharp. The only thing left to do it make weight”. Kasiee continued “I haven’t changed anything in my training really because what I do works for me”. I then asked the former Midlands champ, what he knew about his opponent? He told me “I haven’t analysed him, I leave that to my coaches and then follow and execute the game plan to the best of my ability. We have similar styles so I think I will either beat him comfortably on points or he won’t be able to adjust to me and I’ll hurt him and stop him late on “. Kaisee finished by saying “I just want to give a big shout out to my followers, sponsors and everyone that’s supports me on my journey as boxing is arguable the toughest sport, you can see my sponsors in my bio on my instagram @kaisee_official and if you’re not following me then hit that follow button and watch my journey as I attempt to be the greatest me I can be”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I have followed Kaisee's journey from his first fight when he stopped Paul Cummings in the second round in June 2017. I was at Eastside last week and witnessed how hard he is training with his coaches Paul ‘Soggy' Counihan and Louie Counihan. He is one of the hardest hitting Welterweight around and is looking lighting quick with some super fast combinations that him and his pad man Louie have been working on. I have no doubt in my mind that Benjamin will win this eliminator and go on to claim the English title.


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