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The Pocket Rocket Hangs up the Gloves

Dani Hodges has announced her retirement from professional boxing 'The Pocket Rocket' has been a professional boxer for 3 years after turning over from kick-boxing. Hodges (33) retires with a pro record of 5 wins out of 8 contests, Hodges was not afraid to travel as her have gloves will travel mentality saw her travel all over Britain and also venture to Spain and Poland to take on all comers.

Dani’s Promotions team Black Country Boxing wrote this when announcing the ‘Pocket Rocket’s’ retirement from the noble art. They wrote, We wish Dani all the very best in the future and feel sure she will be a valuable member of the BCB Team as she passes on her knowledge to the next generation of fighters.

Former stable mate and sparring partner ‘The Baby face assassin’ Amy Timlin wrote this on social media about Hodges. She wrote, Happy retirement Dan! We've done endless amounts of sparring, punching each others head in for many, many years and I've loved every second of it. I wish you the very best in whatever you choose to do next, eat as much cake as you want now and don’t hold back on the food intake.

The Pocket Rocket' took to social media and said this about her retirement and her sons Darcy's amateur career. She wrote, We've been a fighting team for along time and we still remain a fighting team but now it's time for me to take a back seat enjoy watching the sport and watching this young man grow and help him, I know first hand how hard the journey will be. This has been a very hard long decision for me to make but I have retired from professional boxing my heart will always be in the sport and I'm still training but the hunger for perfection has gone that's when you know it's time. I've had the most amazing experiences absolutely unreal when I'm 80 telling the grandkids they'll never believe me, from sparring Nicola Adams with Kel Brook ringside to fighting on the Billy Joe Saunders undercard to all the travelling its been a roller-coaster. I want to say the biggest thank you to all of you for the support and everyone at BcB and mainly Lee Goodwin and Ste Cadman and the whole platinum family you will never know how truly grateful I am you are amazing people . I hope I've kept you entertained there will always be only one pocket rocket.

Dexter’s Thoughts

It saddens me to be writing this as I have followed Dani's career from the start and was impressed from the very first time I saw her box. Dani lost her first contest in Spain against a fighter who was 9 without defeat, but her first real professional fight as a BBBoC licenced fighter was at the Stadium Suite Walsall against Teodora Hristova. Hodges boxed well and proved why she is called ‘The Pocket Rocket' with her great pressure fighting winning the 4 round fight 39-37. Dani then went on to win her next 3 fights before taking on Commonwealth gold medallist Lisa Whiteside on the Billy Joe Saunders undercard losing on points. Hodges then got back to winning ways in a six rounder in Dudley beating Emma McCulloch on points. Dani then travelled to Poland for her last fight taking on Wiktoria Sadej losing on points. I have wrote a number of write ups about Dani but only got to interview her just a few weeks ago, she was named a 'boxer to watch' in the bbcolumn awards in 2018 and also was mentioned in the 2019 awards. Dani was and is a great ambassador for female boxing and I’m sure the single mum has inspired a lot of females to take up the noble art. Dani can now concentrate on helping her son Darcy in his amateur boxing career as he aims to turn over in the pro ranks when he is older. The Birmingham boxing Column will be doing a big write up about Dani and her son Darcy for the bbcolumn magazine digital issue 5 which will be out in pdf download in April. The Birmingham boxing Column wishes ‘The Pocket Rocket’ all the best in what ever she divides to do.

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