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There's a new Tommy Hearns

Written by Tommy Owens

There’s a new Thomas ‘The Hitman’ Hearns – and he comes from Coventry ! River Wilson-Bent stands a lofty 6ft 2ins - and says: “I’m tall and gangly – and I fight just like Thomas Hearns !” Hearns was a wildly exciting gunslinger who won world titles at five weights – from welterweight up to light-heavyweight – while six fights into his pro career, Wilson-Bent is looking to close in on a shot at Midlands honours. The

Midlands Area super-welterweight championship is currently vacant – and the 26 year old says that is his target. Next is a six rounder at Villa Park on Saturday, February 8 – and Wilson-Bent says he hopes to face an opponent who wants to take his head off ! “I really want that Midlands title,” said Wilson-Bent, who turned pro towards the end of 2018 after a solid 57-bout amateur career. “But I need some tests first. “I was always a counter puncher in the amateurs and since I turned pro I’ve faced journeymen and had to get on the front foot. “The problem with facing negative opponents is that you can start dropping your hands and waiting too long.

“I want my next opponent to come and try to take my head off ! “Then I can walk him onto some knock-out punches.” Wilson-Bent has a couple of stoppages on his six-fight record. On his debut, he took all of 90 seconds to see of Mike Castell with body shots and it was similar punches that were too much for Scott Hillman in his fourth fight. Hard-as-nails William Warburton then toughed it out for six rounds after feeling Wilson-Bent’s body shots and last time out, Zygimantas Butkevicius went the full four. The Butkevicius fight was at the Arena in Birmingham in front of the BT Sport cameras – and there could be more big fight nights ahead for Wilson-Bent and his hundreds of noisy fans. Promoter Tommy Owens plans a stadium show on the pitch at Villa Park in May and given the amount if tickets Wilson-Bent sells, he seems certain to be on it. He said: “These are the shows I want to be on. If any opportunity comes my way, I will take it.”


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