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Midlands Title For The Kundalini King

‘The Kundalini King’ Jermaine Osbourne-Edwards claimed the super Lightweight Midlands area title at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton (8.3.24). The thirty-four-year-old from Wolverhampton made an entertaining entrance with costumes, drums, and his fan's participation. The southpaw was taking on Jamie Stuart (31) who was making his sixth attempt at a Midlands area title and had a record of four wins and three draws in thirteen contests. Osbourne-Edwards and Stuart both weighed in nine stone thirteen with Chris Dean reffing.

Nothing much in the first round as both fighters took a look at each other, Osbourne-Edward landed a good backhand but Stuart finished the round strong to nick it. Osbourne-Edwards stepped it up in the second and pressed Stuart landing some good shots to win the round. Osbourne-Edwards controlled the third round landing some good shots from his southpaw stance, Stuart fought back hard but it was Osbourne-Edwards round.

Another round was controlled by Osbourne-Edwards who pressed Stuart who was being forced to fight on the back foot. Stuart fought back hard but Osbourne-Edwards won the round with ease. Stuart boxed well on the back foot in the fifth and landed backhands at will with Osbourne-Edwards pressing forward with a slight cut I think on the top of his head. Stuart won this one for me. Stuart was moving well in the sixth landing some nice shots as Osbourne-Edwards pressed him. Osbourne-Edwards had some joy but Stuart nicked this one for me. The seventh was another good round for Stuart who used his jab well using great movement to stay out of trouble and win the round.

Stuart continued his good movement and picked some great shots as Osbourne-Edwards continued to press, Osbourne-Edwards rallied at the end of the round but Stuart won this one for me. Osbourne-Edwards started the ninth strong landing a cracking one two putting Stuart down, Stuart took an eight count and was allowed to continue he boxed well on the back foot but Osbourne-Edwards won the round. Osbourne-Edwards went all out in the final round looking to end the fight, Stuart boxed well on the back foot and landed good shots of his own but Osbourne-Edwards won the round.

Ref Chris Dean scored the fight 96 to 93 Osbourne-Edwards i had it 95 to 94 Osbourne-Edwards.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great contest this was and well done to both fighters for such a good fight. In my opinion, it was a lot closer than the ref Chris Dean had it, and if it wasn’t for the knockdown the contest could have gone the other way. It was a very emotional victory for Osbourne-Edwards as he had his hand raised, and he fell to his knees as he was crowned champion. You had to feel for Stuart who boxed well and, in my opinion, if it wasn’t for the knockdown may have won it. He has now had six goes at the Midlands area title but I think all he needs is a bit of the rub of the green and he will achieve this goal. I look forward to seeing what these two fighters do in the future and wish them both the best of luck.


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