Brummie Ash wins 3rd Title

March 13, 2017

Brummie Ash wins 3rd Title



Brummie Ash has won his 3rd  Unlicensed title with a 2nd round TKO to win. He showed some skill in the first round and then some power in the 2nd to take his opponent out. It was his 8th fight and he has only been boxing 15 months and  with him being a 3 times champion he is looking like a good lightweight prospect in the unlicensed scene. 

Ash is hoping to turn pro next year, he told me “ I have got two 6 rounders this year, they are  bigger and better fights that I believe I will win with determination and if I keep training hard”.


Dexter’s Thoughts


Ash has won his third title in only 8 fights which is quite impressive but does also say that fighters are getting title shot for promotion titles a lot quicker than would be expected. But if you are offered chance then why not take it, I was offered the chance to fight for the Celtic Boxing Unions  Birmingham & West Midlands title in my 4th fight against unbeaten fighter Malcolm Stowe and came out victorious with a a 6 round points victory. The Birmingham boxing column wishes Ash all the luck in the world and hope to see him in the professional ranks next year.

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