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Birmingham Boxing Column

Welcome to the Birmingham Boxing Column, a website devoted to boxing in Birmingham, the Black Country, and the Midlands. 

The Column reports on all aspects of Boxing from the unlicensed/semi-pro scene to the amateur and professional ranks, with reports on the shows and write-ups on individual boxers. 

The Column is also home to YouTube show "Welcome to Fightden"   with ,the boxing fan with a website' host Dexter Hastings, interviewing  pros Amateurs and unlicensed fighters. 

The show is mostly filmed at Cogans Corner gym Digbeth, where fighters from all aspects of boxing get to talk about up and coming fights or fights they have just had, with Dexter putting his thoughts at the end of the Interviews. 

Top Birmingham pro fighters like Sam Eggington, Craig Cunningham and Sean Davis and many more have already appeared on "Welcome to Fightden" alongside amateurs like Dylan Cogan, female boxer Kim Shannon, and the two Farrell amateur lads  Farren, and Patch also there professional boxing brother  Niall. The Birmingham Boxing Column has something for every boxing fans needs. 

The Column prides its self on promoting positivity in boxing and giving Midlands boxing its own platform to shine. 

Established in 2016 we hope to be reporting on the sport we love for many years to come, but we can only do this with advertising and sponsorship. Advertising or sponsoring is easy just follow the link below.

Now in Collaborations with SWITCH RADIO the BBCOLUMN.COM is the Number One boxing website for Birmingham & the Black Country

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