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0-Taker is Inspired in Defeat

Birmingham's favourite road warrior Ben Fields has informed social media that he is inspired by his defeat at the York Hall  Bethnal Green (22/4/23). Thirty three year old Fields was having his forth attempted at winning at the Legendary boxing event but was knocked down near the end of the third round with the ref giving what looked like a fast count and waving off the fight.  In a inspirational video message on social media Fields first congratulated Jamie Robinson on his victory and said he wants to get back in the ring as soon as he can.

He said “No toys thrown out of the pram, no this or that, I just want to get straight back on the horse and go again”. Fields did say they used a lot of the old tricks first his opponent coming in half a stone heavier and then changing the fight order so Fields warmed up to soon.

The 0-Taker then talked about the stoppage saying, “He caught me flush on the chin and turned my legs off for a second, I was up at the count of two and the ref waved the fight off”. Fields then said “it was never a stoppage”.

Fields continued “but I’m not going to be bitter and start moaning about a decision, I feel stronger, I feel more inspired from this loss, I want to go again, I’ll be back in the ring very soon”.

Fields continued “That’s what you do in life, you fall off the horse you get back on again, you never give up. I never intended to be a boxer but now I’m here I’m going to give it a good go, I’m going to reach my potential, I don’t believe I’m anywhere near it yet”.


Fields finished by saying “big thanks to everyone for there support and congratulations to Jamie Robinson”


I messaged his manager Jon Pegg and he has this to say about the inspection boxer. Jon informed me ‘Ben had a bad night at the office against an opponent a bit too big for him. Back to light welter and causing upsets”.


Dexter’s Thoughts

First thing I would like to say is that what ever Ben Fields does now in his career is just a bonus for this inspirational boxer, if you don’t know his back story feel free to read the article below ‘From Road man to Journeyman’. What he has achieved already is a credit to him, his trainer Shaun Cogan and his friends and family who keep him whole. I was shocked when I found out Fields had been stopped but like Jon Pegg said it was just a bad day at the office for the 0-Taker who has already stated that he wants to get back in the ring as soon as possible. I have just watched the contest and as much as it was a great shot the refs count was ridiculously fast, to me it looks like he picks the count up at 5 when by rights it was about 3, he then seemed to count as fast as possible waving the fight off when he got to 10 and Fields had just got to his feet. Ben and his team know the crack and from what has been said they used a lot of the old tricks even before he entered the ring. But this is taking nothing away from Robinson who landed a great shot to put someone like Fields down but I do think Ben would of had to knock him out to get a draw.

On Boxrec the 0-Taker is out again in a ten rounder at York Hall in June of this year against George Hannon. If this is correct finger crossed Ben can make it fifth time lucky at the York Hall and get a ‘W’. I look forward to watching Fields continue his boxing journey and get the bigger fights the road warrior richly deserves.




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