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Showdown Entertainment

Showdown Entertainment is a unlicensed/white-collar boxing promotion that has been promoting shows in Birmingham for the last 4 years having at least 3 shows a year

The shows have gone from strength to strength and so has the boxing with Showdown now having a decent stable of boxers. Showdown promotes at least 3 shows a year and now has several promotional champions, they have also held there own prizefighter show where the winner took home £1000 prize money.

Showdown also does it's bit for charity giving a percentage of the gate to ward 15, Children's/Teenage Cancer Birmingham Children's Hospital. They also have collection buckets passed around the crowd by the stunning ring girls to collected even more money.

Showdown is now leading the way in unlicensed/ white-collar Boxing entertainment in Birmingham with great sound and lighting, Stunning and friendly ring girls, Jason Lowe comparing the show and B.B.Columns very own Dexter Hastings refereeing the action in the ring, the future looks good for Showdown.

Review of the shows

Showdown is one of the leading lights in unlicensed/white-collar boxing in Birmingham and for entertainment and a great night out and at there new home of the Venue in Edgebaston things are looking good for Showdown.


With a decent stable of boxers there have been some great fights on the shows and with some raw novices mixed in who are matched up pretty well against the same level of fighter and with no favoritism towards any of the fighters Showdown provide a great and fair show. Safety at the show is Paramount and all boxers have to pass a medical given by fully licences Paramedics who are on hand at ringside should anything go wrong in the ring.


Stunning and friendly ring girls and a great friendly atmosphere top notch comparing by Jason Lowe, firm but fair reffing by yours truly Dexter Hastings serves up a great night of boxing.


The Venue Edgebaston is a great place to hold a boxing show it is a big room with easy access to the bar, the bar staff are friendly and polite and it has a welcoming feel. If you are in the VIP area for the showdown fights you also get waitress service to your table, this in my opinion is well worth the extra £10 as the standard ticket means you will be standing for the whole night.


£20 standard

£30 VIP well worth paying the extra £10 for.


Showdown is one of the leading lights in Unlicensed/white-collar boxing in Birmingham and has set the bar for all other promotions to follow. A Great night with great entertainment and a great show.

Next show

2nd September The Venue Edgebaston.

Showdown gallery

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