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Up and coming Boxer

Jordan "The Lion" Lynch

Jordan is a young hungry 26 year old boxer originally from a little town called Rawcliffe in York. Jordan moved to Birmingham when he was 14 and has told me that he has been into boxing since he can remember and one of the first presents he can remember was a punchbag.

Jordan had his first unlicensed/white collar fight at the age of 23 which he won, his record stands at 7 fights winning 5 (4 by KO) 1 draw and 1 defeat. Jordan informed me that his hardest fight was his 4th one against Chad Brown, Jordan said "I knew I had the tools to beat him but when I got caught I didn't have enough boxing knowledge at the time and decided to go all in to early and try to hurt him where as now I would know to bide my time and calculate my shots. It wasn't the actual fight that was hard, it was the realization that I'd lost the fight, that was hard to come to terms with".

When I asked Jordan what inspired him to become a boxer he told me "I have always had a love for the sport and growing up around boxing it was something I always had in common with my dad who was my best friend and idol, I wanted to be just like him".

I then asked Jordan who his favorite boxer was he said "Ricky Hatton, because of his work rate and his aggression, he inspires me". Jordan then added "he is not only an incredible fighter but also a great role model". I also asked Jordan what was the best fight he had seen? He replied "Gatti v Ward the first fight, because both fighters showed great heart and were adamant they were not going to lose. They produced one of the best rounds in boxing (round 9)". To this I have to agree.

Jordan then informed me that at present he is currently fighting at light heavyweight but will be moving down to super middleweight and is looking to get his professional licence in August 2016.

I then asked Jordan what his goals where in boxing? He started by saying " I want to fight at York Hall, win a Lonsdale belt, regional, British, European and world title. I know that sounds like a massive goal to win a world title but I really do believe in myself and my work rate, I have a great support network and my mind is set on my goals. Every small step that I take is taking me forward and where I want to be and I really do believe that I will be a world champion before I retire. Every time I enter the gym I like to be the hardest working person in the room, when i'm not in the gym i'm focusing my mind and doing home work on other boxers techniques, practices and motivation. I'm reading up on the greats and their accomplishments and focusing all my energy into my trade. I train day in day out, I follow a strict diet and train whole heartily. It is already done in my mind, I'm just following the journey until the day I hold that title. I will get there.

Dexter Thoughts

I have only got good things to say about Jordan "The Lion" Lynch he is a young hungry boxer who I have had the privileged to referee and spar with. In our sparring session he showed great style, but what impressed me the most was he didn't fall for any of my trick or traps. In the ring when I reffed him he was very disciplined and focus, he ended the fight in the second round with some cracking

body shots. Jordan is a very respectful young man who craves knowledge and advice on the noble art. He has a great set of trainers around him and the full support of his family.

I have already told him he should turn pro and I am glad he is. Could he win a world title? Who Knows but I can see him making big waves when he does hit the pro seen.

Jordan "The Lion" Lynch next fight is for the Semi Professional Boxing

Federation light heavyweight title on the 24th of June at the home of boxing in Birmingham "The Irish Centre" Digbeth on the "Lets Go Champ"

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