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Brummie Pro Craig Cunningham

Craig Cunningham

Craig “To Slick” Cunningham is a 28 year old super welterweight boxer from Birmingham. Craig trains at Eastside gyms under the tutelage of Jon Pegg and Soggy Counihan, Craig is the current Midlands Middleweight champion and has also won the international bronze masters title.

The 5 foot 11 southpaw has a impressive pro record of 15 wins with only 1 defeat, Craig took up boxing when he was 16 and had his first amateur fight for Warley ABC when he was 18. He had a decent amateur career of 19 wins and only 8 defeats. Craig informed me he didn't start boxing until he was 16 because his mom wouldn't let him do it when he was younger. Craig said “my mom just didn't want me to get hurt I suppose as most people only see the brutality in fights on TV but don't understand the commitment, discipline and hard work it takes before a fight”

Craig then added “Growing up I didn't really follow boxing, I just wanted to fight. The only boxing I ever watched was when it was on normal TV”. Craig continued about growing up he informed me “I was always active playing football and doing karate as a kid, we entered a competition and won bronze, we had been disqualified

for hurting the other kids as it was a team event. As a kid I was probably a bit naive, I couldn't understand why we got disqualified just because we hurt them, we should of won, this turned me away from the sport. Now I'm older I realize everything has to be controlled which started me out in boxing, it became more natural to me. Being a pro I have realized how technical and skillful you have to be to go anywhere in the sport, it is not just about brute force and trying to KO everyone with one punch”.

I also asked Jon Pegg his trainer for his take on the Middleweight champ, Jon said “his progress has been hampered by people not wanting to fight an awkward southpaw with heavy hands but now he has got a bit of momentum and is going after a win over Jason Welborne alongside moving down to super welterweight these factors will put him up the rankings and open doors to title opportunities that have been a long time coming”.

Craig is fighting Jason Welborne at the Futsal Arena Hockley (Newtown) on the 16th July for the Midlands Super welterweight title.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Craig has a very good pro record and is going for a second Midlands title, he seems determined to succeed and with his trainers Jon Pegg, Soggy Counihan and the Eastside gym behind him, things are looking good for Craig “To Slick” Cunningham.

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