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Turning up the heat for the Lets Go Champ face off

Lets Go Champ

A week before the Lets go champ show I went down to fight den to chat to a few of the boxers fighting on the show. I talked to all the boxers who where fighting and they all sounded ready for there respected fights next week.

Jordan Lynch was predicting a stoppage in his Midlands light heavyweight title and seemed very confident of taking the title home with him. Nathan Nash was in boisterous mood telling me he would win and that his opponent better be ready as he is coming to get him. Matt Caines also talked to me about his English title fight against Matmoo and seemed very confident of victory but was disappointed that his opponent did not show up for the face off.

We then had our first face off heavyweight

Craig Taylor in a catch weight fight against a man would arrived dressed to the nines and blinged out of it who only wanted to be know as Glenn. Both boxers showed there respected for each other but we're also confident of victory. Nathan Conlon who is fighting veteran Tony Deakin was prodicting victory as well.

To end my interviews at fight den talked to Shaun Cogan and then Terry Carruthers these 2 friends have been selling the show really well and it did seem that there fight might just be a simply sparing session. But after talking to both boxers today I can inform you this is not the case, both fighter are determined to best there pal and have bragging rights over the other, it may have started out as a bit of a joke but you can tell both ex-pros really want this win.

In the face off between them in the ring at fight den it erupted after words were exchanged and Shaun pushed Terry and Security had to step in to stop it getting out of hand.

Footage of the boxers talking to me are at the bottom of the page and Shaun and Terry's face off is there to.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I honestly can't wait for this show and I am sure it will live up to the hype and promote Birmingham boxing in a positive manner. All the boxers seem up for it and ready and with Shaun and Terry headlining the bill it is going to be a cracking night at the Irish centre. Lets Go Champ!

Fighting talk at Fightden Face off Shaun v Terry

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