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Let's Go Champ Show Review

Lets go Champ show review

The Irish Centre was the setting for the eagerly awaited Let's of Champ show brought to you by Fightden and DNA. The Birmingham boxing column was there to bring you a full report of a very entertaining show.

Let's go champ had 11 bouts of boxing with 2 titles on the line and of course the main event The 2 ex pros Cogan v Carruthers, this is how I saw the bouts and then the judges results.

Bout 1

Tony Deakin v Nathan Conlon

Round 1 - Tony showboated his way threw the first round but did not really throw any decent shots, Conlon stayed cool and boxed well and threw better shots.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Tony covered up more in this round and Conlon controlled the round.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Tony seemed to step up the pace in this round, Conlon did enough to draw the round.

10 – 10

Judges verdict – Conlon wins unanimous verdict.

Bout 2

Steve Steven v Carl Lawrence

Round 1 – Steven came out fighting but faded quickly with Lawrence coming on strong in the later part of the round.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Steven slipped a few shots in this round and looked good but Lawrence controlled the round.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Lawrence came out strong but seemed to ease off his opponent, controlling the round till the end.

9 – 10

Judges verdict – Lawrence wins unanimous verdict

Bout 3

English Title 5 x 2 minute rounds

Mat Moo (Champ) v Matt Caines

Round 1 – Caines controlled the first round keeping Moo in the corners and working the body well.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Moo was bullied around the ring Caines worked his body and head well and kept him in the corners.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Caines went in hard from the start of the round, Moo’s corner had seen enough and they threw the towel in


Judges verdict – Caines wins TKO 3rd round

Bout 4

Chris Dalloway v Neil Rigby

Round 1 – Rigby went to the body like Rocky Belboa, Dalloway had no answered for the onslaught but managed to see the round out.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Rigby went to the body again, this round was a bit messy with Dalloway being put down with a blow to the top of the head but was deemed not a knock down.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Dalloway finally got his jab going and controlled this round holding Rigby when he attempted to go on the inside.

10 – 9

Judges verdict – Rigby wins unanimous verdict

Bout 5

Lets Go Champ!

Main Event

Carruthers v Cogan

4 x 2 minutes rounds

Round 1 – Cogan came out strong with lots of body shots, Carruthers countered well and was switch hitting but Shaun nicked this round on work rate.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Cogan continued to work well to the body then head, Carruthers came back well in the later part of the round.

10 – 10

Round 3 – Another cracking round Carruthers countered well and caught Cogan on more than one occasion.

10 – 10

Round 4 – Cogan seemed to fade a bit in this round after putting so much into the last 3, Terry was countering well but Shaun battled threw and worked hard but Carruthers nicked this round.

10 – 9

The fight was deemed a draw but the 2 ex pros had another round of boxing after a collection was put around the crowd to raise more money for there charity.

Round 5 – This was an all out war, both boxers went for its and gave it there all and fought to a well deserved draw. I will add that this round seemed more like a 3 minute round rather than a 2

10 – 10

Judges verdict – Draw

Bout 6

Nathan Nash v Tony Vale

Round 1 – Both boxers were very busy in this very entertaining round, could not split them in this round.

10 – 10

Round 2 – Another busy round by both boxers, Nash was put down early in this round, it did look like a push but the ref gave him an 8 count. Nash then came on strong and put Vale down, Vale got straight up an seemed unhurt, both boxers ended the round strong.

8 – 8

Round 3 – A great final round Nash seemed to fade a bit but battled threw to the end of the round.

10 – 10

Judges verdict - Draw

Nash v Vale – Dexter’s Fight of the Night

Bout 7

Andrew Patterson v Dave Timmons

Round 1 - an even first round Patterson seemed to go threw the motions testing Timmons.

10 – 10

Round 2 – Patterson move Timmons around the ring, Patterson stayed in the corners to much and got caught with some good shots by Timmons.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Patterson put it on Timmons and controlled the final round.

10 – 9

Judges verdict – Patterson wins split verdict.

Bout 8

Midlands Light Heavyweight championship

4 x 2 minute round

James Guilder Jordan Lynch

Round 1 – Guilder came out strong but Lynch took control of the centre of the ring and controlled the round.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Lynch again controlled the round not much in this round but Lynch nicked it.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Lynch continued to control the fight dropping Guilder in a flash knockdown, Guilder got up Lynch applied pressure but could not deliver the ending shot.

8 – 10

Round 4 – Guilder got some good shots out early in the round, but Lynch controlled the round and eased to a well dissevered victory.

9 – 10

Judges verdict - Lynch wins unanimous verdict

Bout 9

Sean Willams v Chris Trezise

Round 1 – Willams defended well but Trezise took the centre of the ring and controlled the round.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Willams was slick off the ropes but was caught with some good shots as Trezise control the round again.

9 – 10

Round 3 – This was a more even round but Trezise still controlled the ring and ended with a good flurry of shots.

9 – 10

Judges verdict – Draw

Bout 10

Glenroy Charles v Craig Taylor


Round 1 – Glenroy danced around throwing out shots at will and controlled the round. Craig stood his ground but just wasn’t quick enough for quick footed Glenroy.

10 – 9

Round 2 – Craig worked hard in this round and nulled Glenroys flashy foot work by cutting down the ring and working the body and head.

9 – 10

Round 3 – Craig worked hard and bullied Glenroy around the ring winning the round.

9 – 10

Judges verdict - Taylor win unanimous

Bout 11

Josh Latimer v Owen T

Eliminator for area title

Round 1 – Owen won the first round comfortably.

9 – 10

Round 2 – Owen stops Latimer who after getting caught turned his back and did not seem to want to continue leaving the ref no choice to stop the fight.

Judges verdict – Owen wins stoppage.

Dexter's thoughts

What a great night of boxing, Fightden and DNA done themselves proud. All the bouts seemed well matched up and the standard of boxing was impressive. The compare on the night James McManus hosted the show and was a refreshing change. The Ref Brain Mcalinden controlled the bouts well doing a very good job.

The ring-girls Nicky and Jade from J.P Entertainment looked amazing and were very friendly

Fight of the Night

Taking out Carruthers v Cogan which was a great fight, I would have to say Nash v Vale, both boxers gave it there all and produced a very entertaining 3 round fight.

Highlights of the night

It was great watching Carruthers v Cogan go at it, but seeing Jordan “The Lion” Lynch win the SPBF Midlands title over 4 rounds was good. Jordan impressed me winning the fight convincingly, I talked to Jordan the day after the show and asked him how he felt about winning the title. Jordan said “ I feel brilliant mate credit to my

opponent he was a good fighter and game for the fight, I have been thinking about winning the belt everyday on my morning runs and when I have been digging deep in the gym its been on my mind every single day. So now I have achieved it its just unreal at the minute. I'm glad I won every round and I feel I boxed well coming forward and on the back foot at times. I predicted a KO and thought in the 3rd I was going to get it but Jamie hung in there to the end which I respect him for. I want to thank my trainers Shaun Cogan and Terry Curruthers for guiding me through my training and getting me to where I am today. We are just getting started here and there is so much more I can bring to boxing. I'm going to rest up now for a week enjoy my time with my girlfriend and family, then it will be back to work in the gym ready for my next move”

Jordan will be going for his pro licence in August which is the obvious move. I think and have told Jordan he should go pro, but would have loved to see him fight Jake Burridge or Jimmy Tarnna as I think both of these

fights would have been great match ups and very testing for the young Lion.

The one bit of advice I would give Jordan is he needs to get a bit more spite in his boxing. Jordan is a nice well mannered young man but I think he needs to be a bit more nastier in the ring as I think he'll would have stopped Guilder if he had of put the pressure on. Jordan will in my opinion do well in the pros and I look forward to reminding everyone who reported on him first when he wins his first professional title.

Another highlight of the show was Glenroy Charles v Craig Taylor, I really enjoyed this bout and well done to Taylor for getting the verdict.

Final thoughts

It was a cracking night of boxing with a great atmosphere, the Irish centre is a great place to hold a boxing show and also hold some great memories for me. Most of my 17 fights where there and I have won 3 titles under its roof, beating at the time the unbeatable Malcolm Stowe over 6 x 2 minute rounds for the Celtic Boxing Union Birmingham and West-Midlands Cruiser-weight title, also winning the CBU Birmingham and West Midlands Heavyweight title against unbeaten Mike Quinn and finally the CBU north Birmingham (battle of Newtown) title against Scott Leckie.

Fight Den and DNA put on a great show and I look forward to going to there next event.

Carruthers v Cogan Full Fight

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