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3DI - Back 2 Business Show

Back 2 Business

The was a white collar boxing show at the Home of boxing in Birmingham the Irish centre Digbeth 3DI hosted there Back 2 Business show unfortunately the Birmingham Boxing Column was not invited to the show, but with a few of the boxers BBColumn has wrote about I did some delving found out that Jordan “The Lion” Lynch Was there so I asked him how he thought the show went.

This is how Jordan saw the show.

“The back to business show was shaping up to be a good event with some good boxers on the show, the main event was Nico Ogbeide defending his title. Nico looked confident having seen him a few times before the fight. That confidence he took to the ring boxing well to get a Tko in the second round. He is definitely a lad to watch out for and I was impressed with his boxing skills. The fights

that delivered great bouts where from some good lads from DNA boxing gym who got good wins on the night too. A fight which was expected to deliver fireworks was 5th fight which was a 4 rounder a good boxer from Saxon Gym (not sure his name) against a tough lad was shaping up to be a good tear up in the first round when it was spoiled by some light minded people on the ringside throw glass in the ring. The security for the show were quick to get this under control and dealt with the problem straight away.The fight unfortunately got stopped lucky know one was hurt and the security dealt with the issue. A fight that has to of been fight of the night was bout number 8. A fighter for my gym Terry Fitzpatrick was making his white collar debut against a big opponent who was 2 stone bigger than terry. The atmosphere for both fighters lifted the roof off when both entered the ring and chants for Terry and TJ ran out through the Irish centre. The bout was explosive from round 1 with Terry nailing TJ with a good stiff jab. Tj fired back but Terry used his guard to catch the shots or roll under the big swings hooks. Round two saw terry press for a stoppage giving TJ a standing 8 count. Last round saw both fights give it there all the place was going nuts for this fight and Terry again pressed the action hitting TJ with lovely 4 punch combination giving TJ no choice but to have another standing 8 count. Both fighters showed great heart in this fight and the fight finished with both throwing shots. Terry for me stole the show and was fight of the night. The team that put the show together deserve a pat on the back for some great match ups and was a good night for white collar boxing”.

After reading Jordan’s review I contacted Nico and asked how he felt after his win and

defending his title?

“I was always confident of winning I’m just happy to have put a good performance on again and got the second round stoppage against a tough lad. He has had 140 fights so I didn’t expect to get him out of there so soon... I think the power in my shots has improved a lot especially for my weight and its started to show in my last 2 fights... was a great show and I brought a lot of support it wouldn’t be the same without them”.

I then contacted Terry Fitzpatrick on how he thought his fight went and how it felt to win.

Terry told me “I'm over the moon for my first result of a unanimous decision. I stuck to the game plan, all the training the drills showed on the night. I am happy with how the fight went. I couldn't of done it without Shaun, Terry and all the team at Fight den. The crowd who were behind me were amazing I was truly overwhelmed, I weighed in at 13st 8lbs”

Dexter’s Thoughts

Many thanks to Jordan for his review, it sounded like a decent show a part from the. Idiot throwing bottles. This can not be blamed on the promotion and the Irish centre security dealt with it well. From what I have been told the boxing was good and it was great to hear Nico successfully defended his title and Terry won his fights white collar fight.

I don't know enough about this promotion to comment anymore about it. I would just say if they wanted a proper review on the bbcolumn website please feel free to contact me. Many thanks to Jordan Lynch for giving me the report on the show.

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