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Story of a Journey Man Tony Deakin

Story of a Journey Man

Tony Deakin

If you have been to a unlicensed/white collar boxing show around Birmingham and the Black Country I'm sure you have came a cross this veteran boxer. Tony “The Entertainer” Deakin is a 39 year old 5 foot 6 orthodox fighter who has gloves and will travel and always puts on a entertaining performance. He may not win many but he is an excellent opponent for a new boxer to cut his teeth on.

Tony has lost count of how many fights he has had and how many he has won or lost, but it has got to be over 100.

Tony always puts on a good display but just seems not to do enough to win his fights. Tony normally dances into the ring to rat in me kitchen by UB40 and it seems his prime objective is to entertain the crowd and make sure he doesn't get hurt, in essence the perfect Journey man.

I have even witnessed Tony fight on the same bill twice, I was reffing a show and Tony

had lost his first fight early in the evening. Imagine my surprise when he came out an hour later for another 3 rounder which he lost but put on a good display in both bouts. I did ask Tony why he fought twice that night? Tony said in his Black Country accent “one of the boxers didn’t turn up and it was to late to get a replacement in, so I told the promoter I would fight again so I got paid twice”.

Tony’s favorite boxer is Lee Selby because he can boxes and he entertains, his favorite fight he has saw is Gatti v Ward 1&2.

He was inspired by the Rocky films when he was a kid, I asked Tony what his hardest fight was? Tony informed me “my hardest fight was against Ruber Charlies”.

Tony then added “I've had over 100 fights, boxed twice on the same show and boxed fighters 2 stone heavier than me and still haven't been knocked out!!! I'm the toughest Black Country boxer going”.

Dexter's Thoughts

It has been my pleasure to have reffed Tony on a number of occasions and he has

always put in a decent shift in the ring. I have yet to raise his hand in victory excepted for 1 draw. He always try's hard and always entertains with his showboating. I have got pals who ask me if he is fighting as they enjoy his antics in the ring. Tony will always make sure he stays safe in the ring as any good journey man would do. Tony is a credit to the sport like most journey men, who give the up and coming fighters there first tests of combat and will step in at a minutes notice. They are the back bone of boxing unlicensed or professional and should get more credit than they get.

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