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Pro Boxer Paul Holt

Pro Boxer Paul Holt

Paul Holt is a 25 year professional boxer old southpaw who fights at super featherweight but has also boxed at lightweight, featherweight and super bantamweight. The 5 foot 7 boxer know as “The Incredible Holt” had a decent amateur record of 48 fights winning 26 of them, and boxed for Nechells green ABC.

He has had 8 professional bouts and has won 5 of them, Paul has fought for the Midlands title against Bobby Jenkinson. Paul used to box pro out of Prospects boxing academy, but now he is with Errol Johnson from Wednesbury. The incredible Holt was originally trained by Paul Fellows, but due to him suffering injuries which halted him from doing anything Paul is now trained by his dad Mark Holt.

I then asked Paul Who is your favorite boxer and why? He informed me “Marvelous Marvin Hagler, he was a Strong front footed southpaw who loved a scrap but could also box”.

We then got on the subject of what is the best fight he has ever seen? He told me “Eubanks v Watson II, not for what happened at the end of the fight, but it just shows anything in the sport can happen, Watson was undoubtedly winning the fight, one punch changed not only the fight but both their lives”. Got to say great shout by Paul as it is one of the best fights I have seen as well.

My next question to Paul was how long have you been boxing? Paul replied “I've been around boxing all my life, my dad, Mark Holt was a class amateur and former Midlands featherweight champion and boxed the likes of Colin McMillan, Paul boxed out of Nechells Green Amateur Boxing Club which was founded by his great uncle Ernest Holt and granddad Derek Holt. I had my first amateur fight at the age of 15, waiting over a year and a half since getting my medical, I turned pro in 2013”. When I asked him what inspired him to take up boxing her told me “Quite simply it's in my blood”

The last question I asked him was, What has been his hardest fight? He answered me

straight away “Undoubtedly it has to be my 10 round Midlands featherweight title fight against Bobby Jenkinson. I had just under 2 weeks to get ready for the fight and had to strip quite a bit of weight off. Bobby is a great lad he went on to win a Commonwealth title, I felt the longer the fight went on it was becoming more and more in my favor but that's just the way it goes”.

Paul added at the end "The Incredible", nickname comes from my love of The Incredible Hulk, he is strong and fights for the one things he loves. My younger Brother, Samuel Holt and Cousin, Ryan Whelan both box for Nechells Green Amateur Boxing Club... Keep an eye out for them in the future”

Paul would also like to thank his sponsors for having so much faith in him

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Dexter’s Thoughts

Paul has boxing in his blood, he has a great pedigree of boxing tradition in his family and is keeping it going by having his dad train him. He seems to have a lot of determination and a will to succeed and with his boxing heritage behind him I'm sure he can go on and win titles in the future. The Birmingham Boxing Column wishes him all the best.

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