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Olympic dream over for Galal

Olympic Dream Over for Galal

Galal Yafal Olympic dream is over after losing by a split decision to the current world champion from Cuba Joahnys Argilagos.

After the bout Galal informed BBC sports in an interview he said “I'm gutted that I have lost, I know I'm just as good as him, I thought I did enough, but that's boxing”.

Galal also left message on social media for all his followers.

He wrote - Gutted to lose out again to the world champion today, seriously can't thank everyone enough for there support on here its been crazy, appreciate it so much.

These are some of the comments

Sarah Kay posted -Nah not a loss champ....just look at it as gaining experience look at Mayweather what he went on to achieve after losing at the Olympics. Don't lose heart....stay strong

Alister Wright posted - Yes be proud well, done mate don’t know you but watched your fight with him he was good you could of had him shame, unlucky, least you tried, your did all you can do.

Paddy Farrall from second city posted- Your a top top lad great respect hold your head up high just look how far you have come in a short space of time and the future is bright

Larry Taylor posted- You have represented like few have, you have shown skill and determination like few have, fought one of the best in the world, like few have. Enough said. Brum is proud.

Finally Damian Hindley posted - Unlucky.....good performance against a world champion which I thought you won.....don't be down on yourself you have done GB and especially The City of Birmingham proud. BCFC KRO.

There were many many more posts in support of the young boxer showing that Britain and Birmingham are proud of him.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Galal boxed really well and is an inspiration for for every young person on how far you can push yourself if you focus and are determined. He has gone out to the number 1 seed, the world champion and he lost on a split decision. The Cuba boxed well on the back foot and Galal was always the aggressor. The Cuba in my opinion seemed to slap a bit and did do a lot of holding and was hardly warned about it.

You could see Galal was gutted. About going out, but just competing in the Olympics is an achievement in itself. I think after a rest he should now join his brother in the pro ranks.

I did contacted Galal threw social media to give me a comment on how he was feel and what he was going to do next? He did reply and said he would get back to me, which is understandable as he is probably sick of talking about it.

What ever Galal chooses to do the Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to reporting on his progress.

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