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There's no School like the old School Pro boxer Karly Gee

There's no School like the old School

Pro boxer Karly Gee

Karl Wiggins aka Karly Gee 36 year old welterweight from Birmingham. The 5 foot 8 switch hitter made his pro debut in 2013 and has had 10 bouts winning 8 with 2 coming by the way of knockout. Karly has held the Midlands area welterweight title and boxes out of Eastside gym under the tutelage of Paul “Soggy” Counihan and Louie Counihan.

Karly had 24 amateur fights and become the Midlands champion, the Harringey box cup and also being a silver medalist twice.

Karly informed me his favorite boxer of all time is Sugar Ray Robinson and Mike McCallum, but in this Era he told me there is only one Floyd “Money” Mayweather. His favourite fight is Evander Holyfield vs Riddick Bowe first fight, he told me “it was action packed and a proper heavyweight dual”.

I asked KarIy what inspired him to take up the noble art? He told me “I took up boxing properly at the age of 26 and turned pro 3 coming on 4 years now. I took up boxing because I've always been a fighter, anybody who knows me will know that, but took it up seriously when my cousin was pro. He took me to some sparring up in Wolverhampton and I'm not going to lie the guy was just turning pro, I've never been in a ring before so first round I came out dancing, I move around picking him off just raw talent really the bell went and that was round 1 over. The next round I couldn't find a way to get out the way of this guy, anyway I came out of the second round with a bloody nose and thinking what am I doing. From there I went home hooked up with my then Coach, and the rest is history I said either do this properly or get the same treatment and I'm not looking for that to happen”.

My final question was what has been you hardest fight? Karly informed me “To be honest my hardest opponent hasn't been in a fight it has been learning on the job and some of my sparring partners”.

I contacted one of Karly’s trainers Louie Counihan and asked him what he thought of Karly, Louie said “Karl was a late starter to the game but he's made up for lost time winning respectful titles both at amateur and as a pro. I'd say his best win yet is over Rob Hunt as he won the Midlands area title live on Sky with a 2nd round KO. His dedication to the sport is second to none, he hits very hard with both hands, he is a comfortable switch hitter and is a pleasure to train. After losing his Midlands title we want to push him back on for titles, I think Karl has the talent to push on beyond Midlands level with the right fights we want to be looking at the English title.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Karl started in the game late and like his trainer Louie has informed me he has made up for it winning amateur and professional titles. He is part of the Eastside set up and his trainers are looking to make him move forward and maybe fight for the English title. Karl is an inspiration to young and old that age does not matter as long as you focus and keep yourself fit.

I have stated before that I have been round boxing for over 35 year. I have sparred in various gym on and off since I was 11, but never properly stepped in the ring until I was 38. Now at the age of 45 and with 17 unlicensed fights behind me and 2 CBU (Celtic Boxing Union) WestMidlands titles and 1 north Birmingham title I still have the desire to get in the ring and compete. It may not be on the same level as Karly but boxers like Karl inspire people to believe they can achieve anything in life if the are determined.

There's the old saying “there's no school like the old school” and Karly is proving this, I wish him and the Eastside team ever success on there quest for belts and look forward to reporting on it when they succeed.

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