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Black Country Pro Les Byfield

Black Country Pro Les Byfield

Les Byfield is a 29 year old featherweight boxer from Netherton. The 5 foot 9 orthodox boxer has had no amateur fights but had an impressive 25 unlicensed fights winning 23 of them

As a professional he has had 6 fights and has won 5 of them and trains out of priory park boxing club and is trained by Paul Gough, Steven Hawthorn and Robert Wright.

I asked Les who his favourite boxer? Les informed me “my favorite boxer is Ricky Hatton because of his all our style, he left nothing in the ring and wanted to fight the best”.

The best fight he has seen is Saunders vs Eubank because of the atmosphere.

Les informed me he took boxing up just as a hobby and has been boxing for 10 years.

I asked Les what his hardest fight has been? Les told me “my hardest fight was my pro debut I boxed a lad who was 1-0 the step up from unlicensed to pro was an eye opener”.

I then talked to Les about a article that had been in a local newspaper about Manny Zaber wanting a match against the Black Country boxer, Les hadn't seen the article but informed me “I ain't sure if Manny can make featherweight but if he can I'm sure it will happen, but it wouldn't make sense if it's not for a title”.

Dexter's Thoughts

Les is another boxer who has made the transition from unlicensed to pro with out having a amateur fight. I remember Les from his unlicensed days and he was one of the boxers from the Black Country that really did impressed me. I haven't seen Les fight as a pro but he seems to be doing well winning 5 out of 6 and if he has kept the same style from his unlicensed day I'm sure he is very entertaining.

The match against Manny Zaber would be very interesting if Manny can make the weight as Manny has had 7 and won 7 and if it happens it should be for at least an area title.

The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to reporting on Les and his on going success.

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