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Eastside’s New Pro Kaisee Benjamin

Eastside’s New Pro

Kaisee Benjamin

Kaisee Benjamin is a 21 year old 5 foot 9 boxer who has just acquired his professional license. The young orthodox welterweight known as “Kaboom” has had a good amateur career winning 20 out of 25 fights.

Kaisee won the Midlands area title twice, silver medalist at Harringey box cup at middleweight and was the senior novice champ under 20’s. He boxes out of Eastside and is trained by Louie and Paul Counihan, Jon peg and Neil Hately.

His favourite fighter is Lomachenko because he is a master in every department and technically the best boxer ever.

The best fight he has seen to date was Gatti v Ward because they were absolute warriors.

I asked Kaisee what inspired him to boxes? He informed me “I've been doing boxing from a young age roughly about 8 years old because I decided I wanted to go to the gym with my step dad. Ever since then I have set my heart upon becoming a professional boxer”.

I then I asked him what his hardest fight has been to date? He told me “My hardest fight in

my opinion was my 5th amateur boxing match for the Birmingham title about 4 years ago and was the first time I got a cut”.

Kaisee added at the end “My main goal in boxing is to make a lot of money and to do that I have to win and keep winning which means getting a British title and of course pushing for a world title one day.

I'm known for hitting hard and knocking people out, I had 6 fights in the championships just gone and only the final went the distance but I still knocked him down in the last round winning unanimously so when I put on them 8 oz gloves on someone is definitely going to sleep”.

I contacted friend of the column and Kaisee trainer Jon Pegg what he thought of this young boxer. Jon told me “ Kaisee Benjamin could be the biggest dark horse to come out of birmingham in years. He Processes power in both hands and a great chin, he has a very awkward boxing skill and a real love of a tear up. He has all the ingredients to be a champion if he puts in the work and dedicates himself. Watch out for this kid he’s gonna cause some fireworks”.

Kaisee could be making his pro debut in October if Medical and forms are all in order

Dexter’s Thoughts

Kaisee is another young boxer who has progressed thought the amateur ranks at Eastside and has turned to the professional game as Eastside. He had a good career amateur careers and if what Jon Pegg has said is true he will have a very fruitful professional career. My only concern is Kaisee said about money being his main goal in boxing, my advice to Kaisee would be focus on winning and moving up the ranks the money will come, don't chase it. Kaisee has a great team behind him at Eastside and I'm sure they will lead him in the right direction and he will achieve glory and money. The Birmingham Boxing Column is looking forward to reporting on his progress.

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