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The D’Animal on the Prowl for Langford Andrew Robinson

The D’Animal on the Prowl for Langford

Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson is a 31 year old orthodox boxer from Kings Norton Birmingham. The man known as D’Animal has had an impressive professional record of 20 fights and has won 18 of them.

Andrew came to the game late starting his amateur career at the age of 21 and had an Impressive amateur career winning 20 fights and claiming the Midlands area title 3 years in row. Andrew informed me the 5 times he had lost were all in the national championships and in his words he was robbed each time.

Andrew boxes out of the Butcher shop gym, Chemley wood, his team consisted of trainers John Costelo, Malcolm Malvin. Dean Edwards, Des Witter and he is managed by P.J Rowson in association with Frank Warren.

I asked Andrew where the nickname D’Animal came from? He told me “it was given to me by the lads at the gym when I was an amateur as they said I was an Animal in the ring”. Andrew embraced this nickname and made it his own starting a clothing line called D’Animal, Andrew informed me “it hasn’t been going long but it is going well, if you believe in the animal then way not wear it”.

Andrews favorite boxers are Mike Tyson because he was ferocious and Larry Holmes as he was a great champ who kept it simple.

The best fight Andrew has ever seen is Benn v Eubank 1 he said “what an all out war”. At this point I mentioned to D’Animal that I was a big Eubank fan back in the day and l was a fan of his son. Andrew stated that he would love to fight Eubank Jr and stated very confidently that he thinks he is one of the best middleweights in the country.

I ask Andrew what has been his hardest fight to date? He thought for a while then told me “Luke Allen was a hard fight, it was my first title fight for the British Masters, it was hard because of the size of him, but my hardest fight would probably have to be against Frank Buglioni, he was a WBA champion and ranked 6th in the world at the time, he was a different level”.

We then talked about what inspired him to take up the noble art? Andrew said “I tried loads of sports football, basketball, Tennis, cricket and was shit at all of them. With boxing I knew I had a God given talent and I wish I had started earlier rather than partying in my youth”.

D’Animal has a rivalry with Tommy Langford, Andrew informed me “Tommy has been

pampered and looked after, I haven't had that I have had to do it the hard way. I have had to go door to door selling tickets and fighting every journey man or who ever they put in front of me, I have never had a say in who I fight. Andrew then mentioned his last fight, he told me “I went to the kids (Sam Sheedy) back yard and hammered him then got robbed. I just want to show people the type of boxer I am, I am D’Animal and I'll fight anyone. I'm a real person, I'm a fighter, my boxing skill is a gift from God to me so every time I fight its my gift to God that's why I put everything into it”.

Andrew continued to talk about Tommy Langford by saying “I have spared Tom many times over the years and he knows I have got his number. I'm ranked 13th in the country and he is ranked 4th but I know I'm a better fighter than him and I know I'll knock him out”.

I asked Andrew why they hadn't fought already he informed me “there have been talks of me fighting him since last October, there was a few dates and it was off and on. He then went to the Birmingham Mail and disrespected me by saying I'm not on his level”. Andrew continued, "he knows that I would hammer him and give him a beat down. I used to have to hold back on him in sparring so I could get 2 more rounds out of him. He disrespected me in the public eye, he is some where he shouldn't be and where I should be".

I then asked Andrew if it was ok to use this in the write up? He replied “yeah I just want to get it all out there and I want to push for this fight to happen. Tom knows I want it, I just want the country to see Andrew “D’Animal” Robinson is one of the best middleweights in the country”.

“Watch out I'm coming”

There have been talks of Andrew fighting on October 7th at Wolverhampton Civic hall to keep him ticking over and there are also talks of him fighting on Box-nation in November.

Dexter’s Thoughts

This was a great interview Andrew just wanted to get all his frustrations out about not getting the fights he wants. He has a very good pro record and should be now looking at getting a shot at the British title. As for his rivalry with Tommy Langford it would be great to see them get it on, but Andrew will have to wait now until after Langford has taken on Chris Eubank jr for the British title. Who know we may well see Tommy having his first defense against Robinson if he wins, but honestly can't see him beating the next generation boxer. Andrew sounds hungry and has got a good team around him, I know Malcolm Malvin personally and can say he is a great trainer and knows his stuff. Andrew just needs to be moved in the right direction and will hopefully get the fight he wants which would be great for him and boxing fans in Birmingham.

Breaking News

Eubank Jr v Tommy Langford has been called off due to Eubank jr being injured. He has now vacated the British title so Tommy's dream of fighting Eubank is over. Now the title is vacant why don't they give the 2 Brummie boy a chance to win the hardest belt to win out right in the world. Langford v D'Animal sounds like a monster movie, lets hope this happens.

D'Animal in Action

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