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  • Dexter Hastings

Arv Mittoo One of the backbones of boxing

Arv Mittoo

One of the backbones of boxing

Arv Mittoo was a Lightweight/Light welterweight from Birmingham who had 150 fights in his pro and amateur careers.

Arv told me “I am now 46 but I don't feel it though as a professional I had 100 fights my record was 10 wins 85 defeats and 5 draws. In my amateur career I had 50 fights Winning 35 of them, I won a A.B.A novice championships those were the good old days”.

As a professional Arv trained at Bobby Nobbs gym Aston Birmingham And was trained by Nobby and Andy Mayers, In his amateur days Are trained at Warley A.B.C.

Arv’s favorite boxers are Ali and sugar Ray Leonard because they never got hit when they were at there best, also Pernel Whicker. The best fight he has ever seen was Thomas “Hitman” Hearns v Marvin Hagler, Arv said “it was a real good fight they both went mental”.

I ask Arv what inspired him the take up boxing? He informed me “I've been retired over 10 years now but I learned to fight so I could defend myself”.

I finished the interview by asking Arv what was his hardest fight? He told me “Colin McNeil from Scotland was a very tough cooky, I could of fought and won a title but when you understand what was going on being the opponent, I knew there was no chance of me winning. There was a lot of times I should of won but I was always the away boxer”.

Dexter's Thoughts

Boxer like Arv are the back bone of the sport, going all over the country and fighting anyone that is put in front of them. A “Journey man” the constant “away boxer” Arv had 100 pro fights, boxers like him deserve as much respect and admiration as the top world champions. Are would take a fight at short notice and put the favored home boxer through there paces, with out boxers like Mittoo the young up and coming fighters the promoters champion would find it harder to maintain there unbeaten starts to the career. Are and boxers like him get my full respect as they keep the sport I love going.

The Legend Arv Mattoo

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