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New Showdown welterweight Champion Brandon Short

New Showdown welterweightChampion

Brandon Short

Brandon Short is a unlicensed 19 year old former Kickboxer now turned boxer who can fight at welter or light welterweight. The 6 foot 2 southpaw has a perfect boxing record of 6 fights 6 wins. Brandon recently won the Showdown welterweight title where he defeated the champion Shar Faiz in 4 times 2 minute rounds. Brandon informed me “I'm not to sure how to explain the way I feel about the win, I feel like I had a lot to prove going into this fight because everyone was expecting Shar to come out on top due to his amateur experience, but I knew I had the tools to beat Shar and I said that from the first time I saw him fight also leading up to the fight a lot of things were said by Shar over social media but I'm not into putting things about your opponents on social media just in case you get beat, it makes you look silly so I stay humble and let the fighting do the talking and that is exactly what I did on the night”.

When Brandon was a Kickboxer he had a very impressive career of 58 fights 53 wins 3

draws and only 2 defeats, Brandon also managed to win 2 world titles. Brandon has been kickboxing for 5 years and changed to boxing 2 years ago, Brandon told me “with my kickboxing and boxing training I have basically been boxing for 7 years”.

Brandon boxes out of Saxon gym and is trained by Tyler and Allan Shakespeare and in part of team Saxon for the Showdown show.

Brandon’s favorite boxer is Carl Froch because of his determination to be the aggressor and dominate every fight. I asked Brandon about what his favorite fight that he has seen is? Brandon told me “I don't know about the best fight I have seen but not to long ago I watched Sean Dodd jump in very late and got the win and I really liked that, I guess I like the underdog to win.

I asked Brandon what had inspired him to take up the noble art? Brandon told me “I just wanted something to focus on to stop me his me making the wrong decisions in life, well I say me my parents wanted me to and I always liked to fight”.

Brandon informed me his hardest fight was as a Kickboxer against Steven Raybould for the commonwealth title. He told me “he had a very good engine and kept coming forward for the whole 5 rounds”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Brandon is a young boxer who has got some good trainers behind him. He showed when he won the Showdown title against the very experienced Shar Faiz that he has made the transition from Kickboxer to boxer well. I reffed his title fight and can say I was very impressed. I am looking forward to watching Brandon progress in his career under the Saxon banner.

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