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Unlicensed promotion Celtic Boxing Union

Unlicensed promotion

Celtic Boxing Union

The Celtic Boxing Union (CBU) was formed in 2009 by Dave Pope and former professional boxer Malcolm Malvin. The slogan for their shows was simple “Proper Lads – Proper Fights” and they lead the way in unlicensed shows in Birmingham. They were one of the first promotions to take the fights out of the dinner shows which cut prices of ticket from £50 to £20 this gave the boxers more chance to sell tickets.The CBU gave the fighters a better cut of ticket sales, giving them half the ticket price rather than a percentage, also for big fight 5 to 10 tickets free.

This lead to the CBU having a great rosta of boxers who were at a very high standard as

Malcolm Malvin would watch you spar and run the rule over you before you got on their shows.

Their were some cracking fights over the years and some great champions with titles not just being handed out as they were contested over 6 x 2 minute rounds and all fighters wore 12 ounce gloves. Over the next few years the CBU held some of this best shows the Irish centre would see packing out there main room every time.

But as more and more promotions started doing there own shows and using the CBU as a blueprint, Unlicensed boxing started to become very watered down and anyone with a pair of gloves was having a go.

The CBU had there last show on Friday 5th December 2014 at the Irish centre Digbeth to a decent but one of the smallest crowds I had seen at a CBU show.

It was a sad day for unlicensed boxing in Birmingham but the CBU had, had it time as Unlicensed boxing had turned more into White-collar. The boxing at the unlicensed shows now has improved tenfold and some of the unlicensed shows are more exciting that some pro shows. With FightDen/DnA promotions leading the way now, unlicensed boxing is back to as good as is was on the CBU Promotion.

CBU former Champions

Birmingham & WestMidlands

Stowe Dexter The Bruce

Light heavyweight – Robert “The Bruce”. Mark Curly.

Cruiserweight – Dexter Hastings. Malcolm Stowe.

Heavyweight – DexterHastings.

Supreme Champion – Robert “The Bruce”. Malcolm Stowe. Tom Hench.

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