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Unlicensed CBU Legend Malcolm “The Show” Stowe

Unlicensed CBU Legend Malcolm “The Show” Stowe

Malcolm Stowe, 37 is a legend in unlicensed boxing, he was known as “The Show” and was the headline boxer on the Celtic Boxing Unions promotions run by Malcolm Malvin and Dave Pope from 2009 till 2014 as a Cruiserweight.

The 5 foot 11 Tyson like boxer had a short amateur career winning 7 out of 10 and has been boxing over 21 years. Malcolm’s unlicensed career is impressive to say the least, in 30 bouts of boxing Malcolm won 26 of them 19 of them coming by the way of knock out. Malcolm also won the C.B.U Birmingham and West Midlands Cruiser-weight title and the C.B.U’s supreme title.

Malcolm boxed out of Birmingham Irish and was trained by Malcolm Melvin and Paul Mann.


The Show’s favorite boxer is Mike Tyson, Malcolm told me, “ He was a real fighter, one of the fastest and sharpest heavyweight, I loved watching him".

The best fight he has seen is Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe


When I asked him what inspired him to take up boxing? Malcolm informed me ‘Being poor, and having a unfortunate childhood, being beat by my parents and being down trodden”.

Malcolm told me his hardest fight was against yours truly Dexter Hastings, Malcolm told me “you were like a sand bag you absorbed everything and you wouldn't stop fucking talking”.

Malcolm ended by saying he wanted to pass on his knowledge onto others. He added “Kids should learn boxing it takes the chip off there shoulders, gives them disciplines, learn them respect, keeps them off the streets and stops them becoming a fat drain on society. It gives them respectful, confidence and the birds love it”.

Dexter's Thoughts

It was my privilege to fight Malcolm on 3 occasions during the Celtic Boxing Union era, it was a great time for unlicensed boxing in Birmingham with the likes of Malcolm, Robert the Bruce, Mark Curly, Jason Lowe, Richard Cooney, Mr Q and of course myself. My first unlicensed fight was against Malcolm at the Copthorpe hotel in Merry hill on Friday 13th March 2009. It was Malcolm’s first unlicensed fight as well and it was a cracking match, the boxer v the brawler. The ref gave the home boxer (Malcolm) the nod, a result to this day I think was wrong I think I won or at least deserved a draw. Malcolm and I had a drink after the show and although he had already gained my respected in the ring he earned it even more when he said he had heard about my mom passing away a few months before the fight and told me he was sorry for my loss, after that he had my total respect.

Malcolm went on and won 8 more fights stopping everyone in the first or second round, I was at a lot of these fights and always had a kind word to say to Malcolm reminding him every time we met that he never knocked me out and if he really was honest with himself he never beat me. I remember after his 9th win I said it to him while we were watching the rest of the show. I recall Malcolm just turned and said to me with my smug little grin on my face “Your some kind of cunt Dex’s”. Malcolm knew all I was trying to do was bait him into a rematch and after that show Malcolm Malvin and my trainer Dean Martin talked and it was agreed Malcolm and I were going to get it on for the vacant CBU Birmingham and West Midlands title over 6 x 2 min rounds. To say the least I was the underdog, there were not many people in the boxing community who thought I would get passed the 2nd round.

I trained really hard for this fight and was more focused than I had ever been. I weighed in 13 stone 8 the lightest I had been in years, I had a big support and so did Malcolm. The fight went 6 rounds and I shocked the Irish centre that day, Malcolm gave me one hell of a beating that day but I took it and gave it back. Malcolm tired in the later rounds and I took control and even managed to give him a standing 8 count in the last round which just confirmed my victory on points. I may have won this fight but I will say without a shadow of a doute this was my hardest fight of my career physically and mentally, Malcolm took me to the limit and this was the fight that put me on the map beating the unbeatable.

Malcolm did lose 3 more times but I can say I was the first to beat him, and I will add that we

meet again in the ring in 2012 for the third time where Malcolm got his revenge and was the first person ever to stop me putting me on my arse in around 45 seconds of the first round of a title fight. I have nothing but respect for Malcolm, he was a monster in the ring and a gent out of it and some one I call a friend. He has passed on his knowledge to other boxers and I would love to see him back in the ring tearing some of theses young up and coming boxer a test.

Malcolm "The Show" Stowe v Dexter "The Sting" Hastings

C.B.U Birmingham & West Midlands Cruiserweight title

Sunday 30th May 2010

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