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Young Guns Review

Young Guns

November 11th saw Black Country Boxing come to the H suite Edgbaston Birmingham for “The Young Guns” show. The Birmingham Boxing Column were there to give a review on the show and the boxers. Fight 1 Kristian Laight v Ikram Hussain Super Welterweight 4 x 3 Laight went threw the motions in the first round and kept himself safe, Hussain boxed well and controlled the round. In the second, Hussain threw some good sharpe combinations and moved well, in the third Hussain piled on the pressure from the start. Laight who has had over 250 pro fights kept a tight guard but was caught several time with good shots. In the forth round Laight had a go but Hussain piled on the pressure again and caught Laight with some good shots and ended the round well.

Verdict Dexter – 36 – 40 Ref 36 – 40 Hussain wins points

Fight 2 Chris Adaway v Kaseem Mahmood Welterweight 4 x 3 Both boxers started the round well and got there shots off. Mahmood finished the round strong and won it. Mahmood turned it up in this round and pushed Adaway around the ring. Adaway fought back well but Mahmood’s power started to show. In the third Adaway moved well around the ring, both fighters got there shots off well but Mahmood’s power won him the round. Adaway fought valiantly but could not handle the power of Mahmood. Mahmood controlled the round well but Adaway gave him a hell of a fight.

Dexter’s Fight of the Night Verdict Dexter – 36 – 40 Ref – 37 – 40 Mahmood wins points Fight 3 Craig Derbyshire v Ijaz Ahmad (Pro Debut) 4 x 3 Ahmad showed no nerves and came out strong, Derbyshire fought back well and showed he wasn't here to make up the numbers. Both boxers moved well in the second and got there shots off, Ahmad nicked the round with some decent shots at the end. Ahmad was just the busier boxer at the start of the third round and got some good shots off. Derbyshire kept battling on but Ahmad controlled this round. Ahmad looked really slick in the forth round and looked like he was a seasoned pro, Derbyshire kept it competitive and had some decent moments in the round.

Verdict Dexter – 37 – 40 Ref – 37 – 40 Ahmad wins points Fight 4 Patrick Bartos v Kyle Williams Super Bantamweight 4 x 3 Williams dominated the round from start to finish, switch hitting, showboating and doing what he liked. Williams dominated the round and dropped Bartos early. Bartos battled on but Williams kept banging in shots and caught Bartos with a devastating body shot in 2 minutes 52 seconds of the second round, the ref counted Bartos out.

Verdict Williams wins 2nd round stoppage 2.52 2nd round and Kyle Williams interview

Fight 5 Dmitrij Kalinovskij v Dilbag Singh Heavyweight 4 x 3 Singh did what he liked in the first round and used Kalinovski as a punch bag. In the second continued to pressure and got someone shots in. Kalinovski showed great grit and determination to see the round out. In the third Singh slowed a bit but still controlled the round and got some good combinations off. In the forth round Singh controlled the round but Kalinovskij put in a good shift and earned a draw in this round.

Verdict Dexter – 37 – 40 Refs – 37 – 39 Singh wins points

Dexter's Thoughts

"Young guns" was a cracking show with some very talented Birmingham and Blackcountry boxers on show. It was a clean sweep for the local lads with all the home boxers winning there respective fights. Fight of the night was Chris Adaway v Kaseem Mahmood, Mahmood won the fight with ease but I have to give Adaway a lot of credit as he made this a cracking little 4 rounder. Adaway kept going and had his own moments of joy in the fight. All the bouts were competitive the Heavyweight Dilbag Singh looked good, also Ijaz Ahmad impressed on his debut. Kyle Williams shone on his 3rd Pro fight under the tutelage of Tyler Reece, the young boxer looks like he has a bright career in front of him after his second round knockout.