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Micky Carpenter - Micky's Wraps

Micky Carpenter Micky’s Wraps

With less than a week to go to my final fight I piped into the Cross Keys pub Erdington to get my hand wrapped for the fight on Friday 2nd December. Micky Carpenter, who runs the Cross Keys is also a Professional 2nd corner man and trainer at Saxon Gym Erdington was there to wrap my hands and then cut them so they can be worn for my fight.

Micky carefully wrapped my hands with bandages and padding for my knuckles and taped them up with hand wrap tape to hold the wraps altogether. The wraps felt secure, comfortable and very professional done, Micky then cut them off my hands and taped up the insides so I could use them on the show on Friday and said they would last a while if I looked after them.

The wraps felt great and gave my hands maximum protection, I left the Cross Keys a very happy customer. To have Micky Wrap your hands it cost £20 and is well worth the money if you want a Professional feeling wrap job for a fight or if you want to use them for training. Contact Micky Carpenter on 07990682992 if you want him to wrap your hands or come to you show and wrap multiple fighters.

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